Friday, October 30, 2015

Sorylian Bol'Vuk'Ra "Battle Bathtub"

Here's the finished Bol"Vuk"Ra. Took forever to paint all those big lizards but it helped to glue in the center lizards later on. Hope you like it!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Planetfall Sorylians

Hey all! Sorry for the massive delay. I'm working on Planetfall Sorylians. Hope you like them!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dindrenzi Paint Scheme

I'm currently working on painting Dindrenzi and also Sorylians. I'm trying to get some good OSL on my Dindrenzi. What do you think? Go with the orange glow on the prow guns or just go without it?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Terran Alliance Painting Progress

Currently working on Terran Alliance and working out colors. Here's what I have so far:

The color on the camera makes it more pink than it looks in real life. It's very deep red.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Directorate New Scheme

Finally, some time to work on space ships! I have changed my paint scheme from the black and white looking ships in the pictures to the dark greyish blue. I'm also moving away from the "Eclipse Corporation," stolen from Mass Effect, but going with a pure Directorate scheme. Stay posted for more!

Direcotrate Dominance Carrier. Pretty much my favorite ship. I love how weird it looks. 

These are next on my agenda. Subjugator Heavy Cruisers. Also, you can see a little part of the Interceptor flight token. I only have a little bit more silver to do to complete the tokens.

Half way done with this guy. P.S. they are magnetized so I can use them as heavy or regular cruisers.

When the list gets above 800pts, I will be getting to these lovelies. I LOVE the Deterrent battlecruisers (on the left) and the Tormentors (right).

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tale of 4 Firestorm Armada Gamers 1

Hey everyone! I've joined a tale of 4 games group on the Spartan Games forum with my Firestorm Armada Sorylians! Here's what I am going to paint for part 1:

The models are the following:
1 Broadsword Dreadnought
1 Xiphos Carrier with 2 SRS tokens
2 Plumbata (I have the other 3 done)
5 Reapers
3 Kontos

The bulk of the rest of the fleet is near done and I am happy with how they look. I will post some pictures of progress when the time comes.

More updates to come!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

BFG Proxy List

Proxy List (this page will be updated whenever more options pop up):

Below is a list of ships that I believe work well as proxies for BFG ships, what they look like, and where to get them.

Imperial Navy
Space Marines

Adeptus Mechanicus

Rogue Traders


Corsair Eldar
Voidstalker: Aquan Prime Hydra
Eclipse: Aquan Prime Charybdis
Shadow: Aquan Prime Namazu
Aurora: Aquan Prime Chironx
Solaris: Aquan Prime Isonade
Hellebore: Aquan Prime Chimaera
Aconite: Aquan Prime Barracuda
Nightshade: Aquan Prime Kappa
Hemlock : Aquan Prime Snapper

Craftworld Eldar
Void Dragon: Aquan Prime Manta or Aquan Prime Poseidon
Dragonship: Aquan Prime Triton
Wraithship: Aquan Prime Tsunami or Aquan Prime Storm
Shadowhunter: Aquan Prime Remora or Aquan Prime Pirahna

Dark Eldar
works raptor


link to video


Explorer: Relthoza Brood
Custodian: Relthoza Nexus
Protector: Relthoza Assassin/Huntsman
Hero: Relthoza Venom or Relthoza Scarab
Emissary: Relthoza Gila or Relthoza Bane
Merchant: Relthoza Swarm
Defender: Relthoza Nidus
Castellan: Relthoza Widow
Warden: Relthoza Wolf
Orca: Relthoza Stinger or Relthoza Drone
Orbital City: Relthoza Weaver

Planetary Defenses

Friday, January 3, 2014

Draco Sector Campaign Turn 1 End

+++Draco Sector Campaign Completion+++
During the end of 2013, I ran into some major setbacks to my hobby time and, honestly, interest. It was hard to focus energy into the game when my grad school work picked up so heavily, combined with the fact that my internship started and my baby girl was near to arrival. So, this is my formal apology for not holding up my end of the bargain with this campaign. I plan on trying again at some point and recruiting more people so that we can keep each other accountable to getting the campaign work done.

So, here is how I would like to end the campaign:

RESULTS: Significant Imperial Victory.

The Imperial Battlefleets, the Adeptus Mechanicus, and the Space Marines were successful in destroying the budding daemonic presence in Ephesus, which halted the powers of Chaos in the sector. It will take years before the planet of Ephesus will come back into compliance, but the Imperial forces in the sector are more than up for the job.

Throughout the turmoil, the Space Marines on San Guisuga raised up their arms in the defense of humanity and brought their might to bear on the Chaos forces of Ephesus. Not only were their fleets successful in driving many of the Chao vessels out of the sector, but they landed the bulk of their force on the surface of Ephesus, to continue their domination in land battles of Epic ;) proportion.


On the surface of Persephone IV, the Orks push forward and make great strides toward forming a mob. If more victories in future skirmishes continue, the Orks will have a substantial force, capable of causing significant havoc on the system. Who knows, maybe even acquiring some Imperial vessels to form a fleet.

The Eldar from Craftworld Mymeara, though suffering heavy losses, have seen recent victories, and have come to be a desperate ally of the Imperium, who has benefitted greatly from their assistance in the space around Ephesus. The Eldar have brought a significant wound to the Chaos fleet and have allowed for the Imperium to fill the cracks.

The fate of the Draco Sector is far from determined, with constant warfare, strife, and rebellion. Many fear that the sector could be lost altogether if a force large enough the damage the Imperial Navy presence there arrives. The Eldar have proven to be an ally of convenience to the Imperium in this recent campaign, but the Eldar are known to switch allegiances at a moments notice. They cannot be trusted. How will the Ork uprising resolve, considering the Storm Troopers on Persephone IV have not been able to quench the growing havoc? What about the Tyranids? Though Genestealer Cults have reared their ugly heads, the feared Hive Fleet that may or may not be lurking in the Veiled Region has not appeared. Does it even exist?

Will the Draco Sector ever return to it's rightful place as a servant of the Imperium? Time will tell. Time... and war...

Here are some of the write-ups that were sent in that I would like to share with everyone:

The deck shook violently and the blinding flash of the massive lances of the Devastation class cruiser "Typhon" filled the starboard view, towards the planet, as all batteries fired again. isolated from most of the tremors by the inertia dampeners of his command throne, warmaster Caska watched the impacts of the lance and weapons battery fire as his fleet continued their bombardment on the mining world Epitaph. Yes, thats it, this feeling, thought Caska. havoc and suffering, and no way to escape for the victims. and this was just the beginning, these few pityful souls are nothing compared to the countless billions that will be slaughtered once the plan unfolds....
then the orbital platforms around the planet joined in, overrun by the chaos forces and now used against their creators and former masters. lance and weapons battery fire raked the planet, just as the assault boats returned to their carriers.
the planet was surrounded by four cruisers and a squadron of three escorts, all guns punding the planet. only one ship was designed to be on active patrol, the Slaughter class "Belial".
+in the void between the planets of the Epitaph system+
Just as "Belial" slowly turned around to head back sunbound on its patrol, as its scanners were slowly blocked by the planet, a small energy signature appeared on the offside of the planet.
as it was not detectable by "Belial", and the other ships crews were too busy with the bombardment, the signal went unnoticed.
steadily, the distance decreased.
+bridge of the Endeavour CL "Marius"+
"Admiral! we made contact! they are in orbit around Epitaph. i count signatures of four cruisers and three escorts." as the transmission was sent, captain Madras former stiff concentrated face turned into a broad grin.
"we got the basterds. and looks like this is going to be a pretty big surprise for them there..."
"this is Kurov, contact confirmed. full speed ahead and engage!"
Madras didn't need to repeat the order, his crew already had turned up the engines and the Endeavour cruiser slowly picked up speed. the Dominion class battlecruiser which was the second part of the strike force was slower, but the powerful engines managed to accelerate the ship to an impressive speed regardless.
Kurovs strike force proceeded a slight turn port, away from Madras', in order to create a formation which will leave no room for the enemy to escape. 
as Segmentum Tempestus fleet command stated that they have other pressing matters, it was put into the hands of Kurov himself to protect the travel route for the valauble convoy, so, by the emperor, he will! Kar Duniash High Command has sanctioned the fleet of Kurov departing for Segmentum Tempestus in order to ensure the safe return of the convoy, so he was bestowed with the full might of his assigned fleet, with which he will bring the Emperors wrath upon the traitors.
+bridge of "Typhon"+
"my lord! multiple signals incoming! unidentified vessels closing in rapidly!" an officer shouted. Caska turned his blood red colored eyes away from the view of the burning craters on the planet surface and gazed on the tactical screen. there were two groups of signals, both showing just two single craft.
he let an angry snort out "bah! those are just some small patrol groups, nothing big, we can deal with them with the offside batteries and maybe a few bombers. those imperial cowards would not come in such small numbers if they plan to be a threat to us. those are just some hopeless last-stand patrol ships."
as the engaging ships all simultaneously let loose of their torpedoes, he quickly realized that his evaluation was grossly miscalculated.
these were bigger ships than expected.
a LOT bigger.
and the size of the rapidly approaching torpedo salvoes was worryingly large.
just as the sirens wailed throughout the ship and the comms jumped to life, the first salvoes impacted the Murder class cruiser "Zahgurim", ripping massive holes in the hull and almost destroying it outright in the first blow.
at that point, the "Marius" has already been in gun range and had opened up with a massive broadside, destroying all three present iconoclast destroyers in a single sweep and leaving nothing but shattered pieces and drifting clouds of fuel and plasma in its wake.
"yes, looks like we caught them with their pants down.", the second in command aboard the "Marius" remarked. Madras permitted himself a little laugh, then he proceeded to yell orders through the ship.
at the same moment the torpedoes were launched, the two strike forces also had launched their attack craft waves, both the Dominion class and the Dictator class had launched Bombers.
by the time the "Typhon" was swung around to engage Madras' strike force, the "Zahgurim" detonated in a massive blast, ripped apart by the imperial bomber waves, and the Styx class heavy cruiser "Apophis" had recieved significant damage by hits from the Dominins weapons batteries and lances.
the Slaughter Class cruiser had his engines on full speed ahead, hurrying to support the remaining murder class cruiser in combating Kurovs strike force.
on the other side of the planet, the Styx was destroyed just as it had picked up speed to escape the close quarters firefight, and was left a drifting hulk.
The furios, but also very much enraged Warmaster Caska had brought his ship in the rear of Madras strike force and opened fire with all guns, as well as having wave after wave of bombers attacking the two ships, causing massive damage and ultimately forcing both ships to retreat, which they successfully did, avoiding destruction. Caska swung his ship around, eagerly awaiting his enemy to come around the planet.
on the other side, things did not turn out in favour of the Chaos forces. both weapons platforms on that side, as well as the Slaughter class cruiser which retreated in the last moment with massive substantial damage fell to the guns of Kurovs ship.
just as he swung the ponderous vessel around the planet, the still drifting wreckage of the Styx class heavy cruiser approached the asteroid field neighboring the planet Epitaph. the Chaos forces aboard the boarded nearby orbital laser platform could only watch helplessly as the disaster unfolded. the heavy hull smashed into the asteroids, which ripped it apart, and destroyed the containment of the still hellishly glowing plasma reactors.
the ship vanished in a plasma explosion of epic proportions, engulfing half of the asteroid field as well as entirely eradicating the orbital platform nearby.
as the blinding flash decreased to a sickly glow of burning metal and molten asteroids, Caska turned again his gaze towards the inferno, when suddenly a massive shape broke through the debris.
he looked down the torpedo tubes and gun barrels of an imperial Retribution class battleship, untouched by the cataclysm, protected by its massive shield generators.
and it came under full speed towards him.
he felt his face going cold.
with a skin pale as ivory, he screeched with painfully nervous voice "turn around! get us out of here!"
there still was a fully operational murder class cruiser, the "Asmodeus", which rushed towards them to aid their warmaster, but going up against a full grown imperial battleship was even then a very daring plan. if not suicidal, since from the positioning, the battleship was able to catch one ship each with a full broadside. this was not good, thought Caska.
as if his mind had been read, the "Mjölnir" opened fire, its broadsides lighting up bright like a deadly sun.
the heavy impacts pounded on the shields of the "Asmodeus" and the "Typhon", until they gave in under a crackling noise that echoed though the ships and a sudden light flash. they recieved several heavy impacts, but remained largely intact. Caska saw that they now turned out of the broadside arc, so they will be out of danger for a short time while the battleship turns, giving them itme to restore the shields and prepare a counterattack.
just then a blinding light reminded hin of the existance of the powerful dorsal lance batteries on the Retribution class.
The impact threw everybody aboard "Typhon" off their feet and sent them flying in all directions. the hits were directly into the shield generator banks, obliterating the devices themselves, robbing the "Typhon" of all possible defensive capabilities.
it took Caska a brief moment to bring the word over his bleeding lips, but he knew he had no choice. having just two cruisers, and one of them not a gunboat but a damaged carrier, and completely without shields, was not a postiton to combat a fully operational imperial gunnery heavy battleship. he lost this battle.
as Caska had retreated, and seeing that the mighty battleship slowly turned around to bring its guns to bear on his ship, the captain of the "Asmodeus" wisely decided that a last stand against a Retribution battleship was not a good idea with a damaged Murder class cruiser and chose the tactical retreat too.
Instead of pursuing the fleeing ships with his ponderous vessel, Kurov decided to meet with his own ships and let the rest of his fleet deal with the escaping Chaos forces.
They were running straight into the net.
All was going even better than according to plan, Kurov thought and smiled.
They have no idea whats coming their way.
Aboard the "Typhon", Caska was slowly cooling down from his rage. he has survived, he thought, and his plan is working out.
except for losing several good vessels and their crew. but sacrifices must be made for the success of the bigger plan, he thought, and grinned.
Almost everything going according to plan.
They have no idea what will be coming their way.
-Finn (FistusMaximus)

After the defeat of the Imperial Fleet that ambushed him, Malikai recovered from his wounds and gathered even more pirates mercenaries and followers to his unholy cause.

Landing on the Daeth World of San Guisuga for some dark reasons ha began to dig, and dig and dig...and summoned two gargantuan daemon beasts to protect the site of the excavation from orbital assaults (those were counted as laser batteries on the planet :) )

He was foretelling because, apparently, the Imperial Navy had no intention to let him persecute his plan: another battlegroup appeared above the planet, led by the Retribution class battleship "Admiral Cassius", with the Lunar cruisers "Lady Friederike" and "Steel Paladin", followed by the Dictator cruisers "Holy Halo" and "Gaze of Saint Sabbath", surrounded by a score of cobra cruisers....they engaged bitterly with the fleet of the Arch Enemy, comprised by many fast and deadly Devastation, Murders and led by an old and infamous Repulsive.

The Imperial fleet, determined to deploy troops on the planet to capture and execute the Sorceror Malikai, went all ahead full to the planet, from any direction, creating an impressive wall of torpedoes in the meanwhile.

But the chaotic corsairs made swift repositioning using the planet gravity well, avoiding the brunt of the warheads and pouncing as a wolf pack upon the "Admiral Cassius", broking the great, ancient ship in two pieces, after minutes long barrages.

Seeking venceance, the Cobra Squadrons commanders approached fast into the midst of the chaos fleet, destroying a murder and crippling another with pointblank torpedo hails. The Cobras, however, where all destroyed by swarms of bombers, broadside fire and enemy torpedoes. They did, however, buyied some precious time for the "Holy Halo" and "Steel Paladin" to enter the low orbit, gun blazing and dropships making planetfall!

While the daemonic beasts tryied ineffectively to repel the two Imperial cruisers, the Chaos fleet blocked the "Lady Friederike" and the "Gaze of Saint Sabbath" into a deadly grip. Lances and teleport attacks made short work of the two Imperial ships, left hulking adrift...

In the last stages of the battle, the loyalist ships dropped even more troops on the planet, only to disengage when the full might of chaos was to fall upon them.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Draco Sector: Campaign Turn 1 Results

+++Draco Sector Campaign Turn 1 End+++
In the last century, the planets in and around the Draco Sector have been experiencing turmoil in the form of riots, and in some instances, outright rebellion. The Imperial forces have quickly put the uprisings down, but there have been undercurrents of unrest and a push against the governing authorities. There has been a theme of dread and a concern of some impending doom it appears the populace has been made aware of. Astropaths have been experiencing psychic turbulence and often experience haunting nightmares that have led the representatives of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica into a panic, trying to uncover what might be causing such a disturbance in the warp.

A dark terror is rising on Ephesus. The Imperium is unaware of the daemonic being that sleeps within the planet's core. Inquisitors have been sent to the sector to find out why there has been nothing but silence from the once compliant mining world. There is more than just rebellion on Ephesus; there is outright corruption and daemon worship there. The conflict has grown heavily in high orbit around Ephesus between the arriving rebel fleets and the Imperial fleets, including smaller contingents of Bakka made vessels. Ess'g'ull'ich, a daemon prince of Chaos, has been rallying forces from throughout the sector to congregate on Ephesus and form up as a fleet and army under the banner of Chaos. Steel Legion Imperial Guard forces have been all but eradicated from the surface of the planet, but hope still remains while the Emperor's light shines. Ess'g'ull'ish, in collaboration with a Chaos Sorceror Malikai, have been sending forces to hold back the hammer that is the Imperial fleets that have bear bearing down on them. Chaos has not been successful in procuring the human sacrifices it needs to awake the sleeping beast below, primarily because of the victories won by the might, steel, and faith of the Imperial battle-groups.

Adding to the chaos that has been ensuing in the sector, Ariel, a balanced world, ripe with human resources and minerals, has seen a greater increase of Dark Eldar raids upon the surface. Because of the looming threat from Ephesus, the Imperium has not been able to send as much aid at it needs to to prevent the world from being stolen by xenos hands. Dark Eldar have not only taken countless captives, they have been so successful that they have gone beyond their hit and run raids and the planet has become a slave factory under their tyrannical and cruel rule.

The planet of Persephone IV, implanted with Ork fungus that it is constantly struggling to beat back, has luckily not seen difficult attacks on their citizens and the Imperial Guard, combined with a small presence of Inquisitorial Storm Troopers, have been able to stem the tide of an Ork uprising. How long will this hold out?

There have been persistent rumblings from local small Rogue Trader conglomerates that Craftworld Mymeara is making its slow journey through the Veiled Region and has come under assault of Necron fleets that have arisen like undead from the dark abyss. It has come to the mind of the Inquisition of the Ordo Xenos on Persephone IV that the smaller and less vain and xenophobic Eldar of Mymeara, knowing their history with Exodite and Corsair Eldar, might actually be a desperate partner in the struggle against the daemonic might of Chaos, the endless, lifeless legions of the Necrons, and the rising mob of the greenskins. The Imperium is winning, but the margin of victory is thin.

End of Turn 1 Results:
Imperium vs Chaos Winner: Imperial Navy/Battlefleet Bakka
Xenos Winner: Dark Eldar
Underdog: Craftworld Eldar

The Draco Sector at the end of Campaign Turn 1.

++Rewards for Use in Campaign Turn 2++
+Imperial Navy+
Triumphant Admiral: Imperial players may take the following admiral with the following special rules in place of the regular admiral in an Imperial Navy, Battefleet Bakka, or Adeptus Mechanicus fleets in games of 1500pts of greater:
Ld10 + 2 re-rolls
The vessel with the Triumphant Admiral adds +1 to any boarding actions. This does not stack with other boarding bonuses. If the vessel the Triumphant Admiral is on receives Bridge Smashed critical damage or the ship is destroyed, the Triumphant Admiral has been killed. The awards the enemy player +1 campaign point that should be reported in the submitted information. 

+Dark Eldar+
Sacrifice Frenzy: Dark Eldar may re-roll the result of one boarding action of their choice per 750pts of the game's set point value.

+Craftworld and Corsair Eldars (underdog bonus)+
Undying Resolve: Any game won by Craftworld of Corsair Eldar in campaign turn 2 awards them an additional +1 campaign point.

For more into on the Draco Sector Campaigin, go to the following link:

Keep those submissions coming! More into on the planets of the Draco Sector to come.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Draco Sector: Specialist Games Global Campaign Intro

Welcome to the Draco Sector: Specialist Games Global Campaign page! In this post, the groundwork and backstory for the campaign can be found, as well as the starting map. This campaign is for anyone who plays any of the Specialist Games in the 40k realm by Games Workshop. Campaign rules near the bottom!

I would like to thank Bix from "The Veil's Edge" for making the backstory and fantastic maps for the Draco Sector. It makes this campaign possible. Please stop by and thank him at The Veil's Edge Website. Bix has done a lot of work to make this setting awesome and it is ripe for a campaign. He has also stated his intention to continue writing the story of the Draco Sector and may even incorporate the events of this campaign into the storyline!

Let's begin with the backstory:

++Galactic Position++
The Draco Sector is located far to the galactic south along the rimward fringe of the Segmentum Tempestus, at the very edge of the Imperium. The Segmentum Capital at Bakka is many months warp
travel to trailing and the sectors southern reaches border the wilds of The Veiled Region, where the Astronomican fades to but a whisper.

The Draco Sector is located near the Veiled Region to the galactic south-west.
The Draco Sector at the start of the campaign.

Imperial archaeologists have found compelling evidence of widespread human settlement in several of the sectors systems, estimated to date back possibly as early as M23. Early Administratum records show that the region entered the Imperium during The Great Crusade, after the prevelant pre-imperial human power, the Coricyn Dominion ceded its territories to an Expedition Fleet of the God-Emperor; compliance was completed and the sector formally recognised in 950.M30.

The Draco Sector was so named, after the stable warp corridor known locally as the Dragons Spine that spans its length; it was divided into five sub-sectors centered around the translation points of the spine, these were Typhon, Scatha, Glaurung, Fafnir and Laverna; the sector capital at that time was established on the old Coricyn home world of Bellerophon.

During the Heresy the sector remained in loyalist hands and reletively unscathed despite uprisings along the Typhon Sub's border with the Vulturnus Gulf; this greatly benefitted the region in the Great Scouring that was to follow. As resources in the fractured Imperium were at a premium, the Draco Sectors largely untouched infrastructure was able to capitalise on the supply demands of the counter offensive, bringing great wealth and power to its noble houses and corporations.

For the next four millennia, the sector enjoyed prominent status within the Segmentum and basked in the Golden Age of the Imperium. In M35 a warp storm of epic proportions erupted in the Laverna Sub tearing apart the local star Moloch and swallowing most of its surrounding system; the loss of these mining worlds cost millions of lives and robbed the sectors industrial powerhouses of a rich supply of raw materials. The aftershock from the storms birth also disrupted warp travel in the region for several centuries effectively cutting off the Laverna Sub and severely hampering trade throughout the sector. The storm that brought so much calamity still rages to this day and has become known as the Nimbus Tormentum.

In M36 the sectors fortunes were in steep decline, the rot of heresy set in and during the late years of The Age of Apostasy in a period known as The Plague of Unbelief, the sector capital Bellerophon was the centre of an uprising in support of the heretic Cardinal Bucharis. The revolt plunged the whole sector into bloody conflict and both the Glaurung and Fafnir Sub's were lost for over a decade. The heresy was eventually quelled a year after the death of Bucharis by Imperial forces returning from fighting on the Hive World of Vaust in the Segmentum Pacificus. Bellerophon never truly recovered from the onslaught.

The Draco Sector today has regained some of its status through moderate stability and good trade, although still a shadow of its former glory; it has many heavily populated and important worlds. Like so much of the Imperium in these dark times of the 41st millennium it must ultimately fend for itself against a myriad of threats from without and within its borders. Dark Eldar raiders are an increasing peril, striking frequently from their accursed webway portals and The Laverna Sub has ceased to be, having slipped from Imperial control; it has become the Laverna Marches, a lawless stretch of space, travelled by Rogue Traders, home to Pirates and far worse. 

Many reports suggest that an Eldar Craftworld moves slowly through the Veiled Region, as both Craftworld and Corsair Eldar vessels have been spotted. The Eldar, however, are not the only Xenos threat encountered by Imperial forces.  Recently, there have been increased encounters with Genestealer cults and other Tyranid creatures within the sector. This has led the Administratum to be concerned with the possibility of a full-scale Tyranid Hive Fleet lurking also in the Veiled Region. 

Chaos forces have not been entirely silenced, as there are still rogue cults and even rebel/heretical fleets in the sector that still pose a threat. Have these fleets left or are they waiting for the opportune time to strike?

In the last years, the planets of the Draco Sector have been experiencing turmoil in the form of riots, and in some instances, outright rebellion.  The Imperial forces have quickly put the uprisings down, but there have been undercurrents of unrest and a push against the governing authorities. Some say that there are looming Chaos forces lurking in the sector, possibly in the form of a Chaos fleet, and their proximity has been causing these seemingly daemonicly-inspired uprisings.

There has been a theme of dread and a concern for protecting against some impending doom it appears the populace has been made aware of. Astropaths have been experiencing psychic turbulence and often experience haunting nightmares that have led the representatives of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica into a panic, trying to uncover what might be causing such a disturbance in the warp.

The sectors Imperial forces stand ever vigilant against the encroaching darkness, bloodied but unbowed, hoping against hope that this, The Time of Ending is not as many have prophesied, humanity's last stand. But with the increasing alien and heretic threat, has the Time of Ending begun?

++Campaign Rules++
The rules for this campaign will be relatively simple and there is very little for the players of the campaign to keep track of. Heck, you don't even need to sign up! The campaign will take place over periods of time in which I (afterimagedan) and a few other people who will be helping out will take in the results of any Games Workshop 40k era Specialist Game played around the world, tally the results from each faction based on the following score list, and develop the story further! Players will simply play games and report the following to this email address: 

...with the following information:

Which factions were in the game? 

++Faction 1  Win (3pts) / Draw (1pt) / Loss (0pts)

++Faction 2  Win (3pts) / Draw (1pt) / Loss (0pts)

Submitted backstory of this battle in the Draco Sector (1pt for both factions):
++Please include info about your Admiral/General for inclusion in the story!

Fleet submitted to Gothicomp Painting Competition (2pts for that faction, please attach):

Picture of battle (1pt for both factions, please attach picture):
++Fully painted fleet/army and nice game board in battle picture? (1pt for both factions):


Campaign Turn 1 is the month of May so get those games started and submitted! More updates and videos soon to come!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Deliverance - Perseus Sector Part 2

Here is the second video of the Perseus series! This video was made in partnership with Helios Ravensnest and Fearless Games. The entire series is posted HERE.

The planet Tarith has been taken by Dark Eldar and what is left of Battlefleet Perseus has been sent fleeing. The Adamant Light, an Armageddon Class Battlecruiser flees for its life, only to meet up with another Imperial cruiser. This video was based off of our Battle Report 4: Imperial Navy vs Dark Eldar. Let us know if you have recommendations or requests for the next one!

For all Doran'Por and Perseus sector videos, please click the "Doran'Por and Perseus" link at the top of the blog!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Various Ships Update

Here are some Imperial Transports that I have been working on. They are made from Firestorm Armada transports and they have antenna added to them. The one in the center back is supposed to look like the bridge. These will be primed up and painted soon with a couple other lovely surprises. 

Three are the start of 3 new strike cruisers for the Salamanders fleet (was going to be Raptors but the green looked more salamanders). I am using two sets of parts from an alternate parts ddealer, resin caster GW parts, and some launch bays. These will be carrying a whole bunch of Thunderhawks. 

Finally I will not have to use stand-ins anymore for a Retribution or torpedo Dauntlesses! I really like how they turned out. 

Battle Report 4: Imperial Navy vs Dark Eldar

+++Imperial Navy vs Dark Eldar+++
Scenario: The Bait

+Imperial Navy (BFG:R)+
Armageddon (ld 8)
Dictator (ld7)
2 Cobras (ld 7)

+Dark Eldar (BFG:R)+
Torture (ld 8, Fiend Ascendant Pattern Carrier)
4 Corsairs (ld 7, 2 Venomed Blade Phantom Lance variant, 2 Lost Hatred Weapon Battery variant)

Here is the zoomed out overview of the board with only a slight bit of the left side cut off. The Armageddon is the "Bait" fleeing from the Dark Eldar.  The Imperial player is able to go first.

Here are the Dark Eldar, waiting to engage.

The Armageddon curves right around the asteroids, and Dictator and the Cobras enter the board and launch everything they've got.  10 torpedoes total and 4 bombers.

The Dark Eldar Corsairs go on All Ahead Full and blast forward. 

The Torture pushes forward but hangs back behind the Corsairs.

Tbe Corsairs fire on the Armageddon and cause no damage but take down both shields.

The Torture launches 3 fighters escorting 1 bomber.

The Dictator reloads ordnance,  the Cobras reload, and the Armageddon fails to lock on. The Cobras move forward to engage.

The Armageddon shoots the Corsairs, causing 2 damage and 1 critical, finishing the escort off.  Two torpedoes from the
Cobras were braced by the Corsairs and the rest were killed by turrets.

The Corsair push forward and cause 3 damage to the Armageddon while the Torture fires on the Cobras, killing one of them.  The bomber attacks the Cobra but fails to damage it.  The remaining 3 Dark Eldar fighers destroy the 4 Imperial Bombers.

The remaining Cobra disengages.  The Armageddon takes a damage from moving through the blast markers. Both cruisers shoot the Corsairs and kill one of them.  Torpedoes fired from the cruisers do one damage to the Torture.  Where the cruisers ended up after moving is shown in the following picture.

The Dark Eldar move into near point blank range and fire upon the Armageddon, which braces against 1 hit from the Corsairs but takes 2 damage from the Torture.  The Torture's bombers hit the Armageddon causing 2 damage. The Armageddon is now crippled.

Both fleets take the turn reloading and maneuvering. 1 damage is done to the Torture.

The cruisers fly away from the Dark Eldar and exchange some fighter and bomber attacks.  There is a missing picture after this one where the Dark Eldar fly up right behind the Armageddon and fire upon it, causing 1 damage which is braced.  Bombers from the Torture also hit the Armageddon causing 1 damage which is braced.
The Corsairs fire point blank at the Armageddon, which braced.  Bombers press forward the strike either cruiser.

The cruisers make their way into a circular movement.  The Dictator reloads.  The Armageddon causes one damage to the Corsair.  

The Imperials come together to nearly complete their circle and kill a Corsair with lances from the Armageddon. The Dark Eldar fly up as close as possible to fire upon the Dictator without being able to be rammed by the Armageddon.  The Dictator takes only one hit and braces some.  This is a big mistake for the Dark Eldar...

The Dictator makes a clumsy failed leadership to navigate the asteroid field and takes 3 damage (ouch!) which cripples it. The Corsairs brace, seeing what is coming, but it isn't enough and the Corsair is finished off.  Enough damage was caused by the Armageddon to cripple the Torture.  That was it! The Dark Eldar had pretty much no chance after that! The Imperial disengaged and that was the game! Imperial victory!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Doran'Por and Perseus Sectors

I first noticed the battle reports that Helios Ravensnest from Fearless Games was doing on his youtube channel in late 2011. I was fascinated by the way he did his battle reports, with video, storyline, and narration. So I struck up a conversation with him. And now, quite a long time later and a few more battles into the Doran'Por series, we have decided that my game group would make some videos that intertwine and would take place in the Perseus sector, the closest sector inward toward the center of the Imperium. Here are the videos in order so you can access them easily. Hope you enjoy our nerd fun videos and your Battlefleet Gothic motivation increases!

The Battle of Doran'Por (Doran'Por Sector)

The newly formed "Son's Of Horus" have stolen the Second Planet killer that Abbadon had built. Now they plan to show off their power and finish what their late Warmaster started, and they have chosen the Tau Sept world of Doran'Por as their first victim. Will the tau stop the Chaos forces from destroying Doran'Por? Will the Ad Mech's support be enough to turn the tide? Stay tuned.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

The Kalous Run (Doran'Por Sector)

After the lost of their Sept World, the Tau have decided to leave the Doran'Por Sector to find a new Sept world so they may rebuild. Only 4 more supply ships need to reach the fleet, and once they do they can head out. But the Eldar have other plans in mind....

Trailer for Future Videos 

The Conflict of Perseus - Xetic (Perseus Sector)

Deliverance (Perseus Sector)

The Conflict of Perseus - Xetic

Here is the first video of the Perseus series! This video was made in partnership with Helios Ravensnest and Fearless Games.  The entire series is posted HERE.

The Tyranid fleet enters the Perseus sector and draws near toward the planet Xetic.  The Carcharodons are all that stand in their way.  This video is based off of our Battle Report 3: Space Marines vs Tyranids. Let us know if you have recommendations or requests for the next one!