As any of you know, I am a supporter and contributor to the Battlefleet Gothic: Revised (BFG:R) project. It has been in production for a long time now and the original creator, Plaxor, has decided that he will be unable to complete the project. I would like to give much credit to Plaxor for all the massive amount of work he has put into this project. I, and many others at the Specialist Arms forum, have decided to complete it. BFG:R features revised fleet lists, additional ships, and a couple small rules changes that make Battlefleet Gothic an overall better game. Here are the evolving fleet lists in their current (and live updated) forms:

++BFG:R Imperial Navy++
++BFG:R Chaos Fleets++
++BFG:R Eldar MMS++
++BFG:R Necron Fleets++
++BFG:R Space Marines++
++BFG:R Tau Empire++
++BFG:R Adeptus Mechanicus++
++BFG:R Dark Eldar++
++BFG:R Tyranid Hive Fleets++
++BFG:R Battlefleet Bakka++
++BFG:R Inquisition++

In Process:
++BFG:R Ork Fleets++
++BFG:R Planetary Defences++
++BFG:R Rogue Traders++

Playtesting Log:
++BFG:R Playtesting Log++

BFG:R wholeheartedly endorses Eldar MMS 1.9b as part of BFG:R and it has been linked above to the BFG:R edition.


  1. What version of the BFG:R ruleset would you recommend gets played with the works above, 1.6 alpha?

  2. Discussed here
    Do note that some of the fleet lists above reference rules from the 1.6 Alpha, however
    (Chaos light cruisers - improved thrusters, Craftworld eldar special ships and others)

  3. Hey Dana. These documents are the second version of the BFG:R fleets and are based around the FAQ 2010 rules.

  4. Thanks Guys,
    I've been following your work this whole time. Long time BFG player, just never got into the community. Looks really good - looking forward to getting this stuff to the table. Cheers!

  5. Hello:
    Have you ever considered using an actual vacuum movement system? The current BFG system appears to work like ships in water - turning is difficult, it doesn't (much) keep track of momentum. In an actual vacuum, wouldn't a ship find it quite easy to change direction? At the same time, momentum direction would continue as it was before. For example, if a vessel spun about ending at a 180(degree) facing from its previous position, it would keep the same bearing. In effect, its aft end would be moving forward. A vacuum system would need an arrow token to track momentum direction and more tokens to keep track of momentum which it would be able to continually increase.

    As you can probably tell, I not played BFG yet but am thinking about the idea. You've clearly been playing for a while. If true vacuum movement would ruin the game, forget about all this but, in any case, thanks for looking this idea over.

  6. "Have you ever considered using an actual vacuum movement system?"

    Its true BFG owes much to surface naval combat but that is part of its charm. I would advice against any sort of wholesale changes to the game. Make the existing rules work better, correct errata, fill in any gaps but keep the basic system intact. If people want radically different rules, there are plenty of options already available that they can adapt the BFG ships and fleet lists to work with.

  7. imo, what "92909f8e-2716-11e3-89b5-000bcdcb8a73" suggests, turns the game from just that a game, into a space-combat-simulator, and by the time you begin taking into account spin inertia, movement inertia, thrust vector, it takes all the enjoyment out and makes the game move incredibly slow.

    One of the contemporary games to BFG had those types of mechanics in the rules ( i think it was full thrust, but i'm not sure) and again, everything bogged bown

  8. Thank You for all your work!

    I'm preparing the update for Army Builder.

    One question: I see that the Ramilies Starfort isn't part of the defences. It'll be considered in the future or not?

  9. Andrea, The defenses document hasn't been worked on all that much so at this point, it is one of the last ones to be completed.

  10. The work done so far has allowed me to complete the file system on the basis of game, weapons, accessories and fleets.

    Within a month I should complete the update on the fleets of the Imperial Navy.

    Then I will begin to release the first update on the server of Army Builder, so that it is available to all owners of an active license for Army Builder

  11. Did the original author or anyone since make any changes to the current game play sheet (gunnery tables, etc)???

  12. We have not and I do not believe the original BFG:R author (Plaxor) did either.

  13. Hey, afterimagedan, I am working on the ASC 2.0 on the Specialist Arms forum (have a rough draft up and in progress) again and I am interested in helping you finish up the project, plus proofread any of the existing documents.

  14. If I may comment I would notice that Desecrator battleship within the chaos fleet has wrong info. Or maybe it was the information on warhammer40k.wikia. Would you confirm it? Thanks.

    I am from Spain, gathering all the information I can for the chaos fleet for Battlefleet Gothic and it would be really helpful. BTW I am using some of the info of your revised fleets and adapting it to spanish. Nice work you guys!


  15. So, Daemonships, There is reference to the mark powers, but no list of them, are they the same as they were in 1.4, or are you planning on revising them? I like what I see otherwise. Also, I am going to assume that if I use the renegade fleet list I cannot take one; which means I would be limited to either the Black crusade list, or one of the specific Chaos God lists. Also, For the stat lines for strike cruisers/battlebarges [other than the legion specific ones] do I refer to the Space Marine fleet list?

  16. Hello there! Just wondering if this is still getting updates. We have a group of players that are getting into the game (Somewhere between 15-35 people) so this is greatly appreciated.

    I honestly don't really know how to use blogger and I had some questions so perhaps you can email me?

  17. Hay just to say the cost of the Luna in the admech fleet is 200 on its own section and 215 in the army list, any idea which is the correct amount?

  18. Hi I'm psyched to see that this project is back online and so nearly finished! I wanted to offer to help rework the rules for Orks, the goal of doing so would be to bring them closer in line with how they operate in TTY the BFG Armada RTS. The "build your own ship" system they have for Orks is really useful in my view. I,ll type up what I have idea wise, show do I help out?

  19. Hi I'm psyched to see that this project is back online and so nearly finished! I wanted to offer to help rework the rules for Orks, the goal of doing so would be to bring them closer in line with how they operate in TTY the BFG Armada RTS. The "build your own ship" system they have for Orks is really useful in my view. I,ll type up what I have idea wise, show do I help out?

  20. Updated rules and expanded fleets love it hope its still going

  21. I will be re-linking the files asap.


  23. A lot of this is very tempting to use, but I'm not about to tear apart my Vengeance-class grand cruiser in my Chaos fleet. Was it really necessary to remove options from official lists?

  24. A question: The Mechanicus Experimental Shield upgrade what happens to them if a ship suffers A shield collapse critical hit?. its not noted like on holofields that they cant use the rule after a shield collapse critical hit.

  25. Hi guys, is this Project still alive?