Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sorylians vs Aquans 1000

Had a great game tonight! Tested some of my favorite fleets. Things started pretty poorly for the Sorylians but in the end, a disordered Sorylian cruiser squad killed 2 damaged Aquan tier 1s in a single activation... Lesson from this game: DO NOT let Sorylians line up double broadside.

Sorylians had the ideal deployment with 2 brawler squads deploying within the gravity well of the planet. 

Snappers show up to pick away at the Warwolves

Aquan Hydra lines up a 4 arc shot but pays for it later... See the checkmate lining up for the Sorylians?

This is after this carrier died. Joel placed it in the debris field as a burnt out hulk.

This is the doom of the Aquan fleet: the Sorylian cruisers line up double broadside on the Aquan tier 1s and, even disordered from the gas clouds, kill them both. GG!

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