Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Directorate vs Dindrenzi 12.2015

Sometimes you don't have a game table with enough space for a 4x6 board. So we used a pool table! It's almost 8 feet long and about 44 inches wide. This game was played with two objectives worth 8 TV in the middle of the table. We also tested the ability for infantry leaving transports to occupy buildings the same activation as disembarking. Because of the size of the game, we allowed units to not deploy within range of the command element.

Here a view of both army's deployments. The Directorate have 2 core heavy tanks, 2 squads of medium tanks, 2 APCs with full squads, sweepers and sergeants, and 5 buggies. 

The Dindrenzi Federation has 2 heavy tanks with a designator tank, 3 mediums with a designator tank, 5 Levo recon skimmers, 2 drop turrets, and 2 skydrop pods, one fearless with a sergeant and 3 gun teams, one with a sergeant and 3 sweepers. 

Sky drop markers deployed by the Dindrenzi and the recon moves are made.

The Directorate tanks move forward. The Dindrenzi Nyx drop down and take the objective. The Dindrenzi mediums advance and damage the Directorate tanks.

The Directorate APC moved forward and moved their troops into the objective. The Directorate heavies move onto the hill and light up the Letos. 

The Directorate mediums move up to engage the Dindrenzi heavies after they advance to join the party. The APC decides to make its way toward the enemy to have some use.

This was a crazy dice roll. Apparently, there was a little crater in the pool table. Check out that balance.

The directorate APC advances to prepare for a dropoff next turn. Damage from the Directorate mediums kill two of the four Nyx bases. Hard target and cover is fantastic. 

The Dindrenzi turrets drop down and rain HELL on the Directorate Patriots. 4 bases died. Barrage weapons are amazing. 

The Desolators go on overwatch, preparing for the Dindrenzi pod to arrive. 

The pod drops and they storm the objective, not losing anyone but booting out the remaining Patriot! The Desolators kill half the squad in overwatch,. 

On the other side of the table, the Dindrenzi tanks push forward to attack the APC, killing it and 2 Patriots.

This was the final picture of the game. It was really close at the end there but the Dindrenzi were able to take the objective on the left and survive enough to take the objective.

Dindrenzi: -10   Directorate: 7

Keep in mind, this was not a normal game with the regular objective setup. Also, we were testing the ability for squads of infantry to disembark and embark a building in the same activation. This ended only in turn 2, mainly because of this change. It would have been a turn 3 game otherwise. 
I hope you like the battle report! Please let me know if you have any recommendations for next time. Most games we play are not on a pool table...

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tutorial: Painting Made Easy

Hey folks. I'm one of those people who isn't all that great at painting and even if I was, I would rather get models finished than take forever on them and only have 2 out of 25 painted. So, I like simple schemes. Paint schemes are made simple by a few things:

1. base your models
2. black wash
3. confidence
4. a very basic understanding of how paints work, how to drybrush, how to use wash.

Honestly, that's it. Let me show you on my Aquan Prime models from Firestorm Planetfall (suuuuch an amazing game):

Here they are! Well, 4 out of 5 and I'm not even going to use these 4 Aquan interceptors... Here's how to start. Get those models out and clean them up. You can use an exacto knife or whatever knife and carefully shave off the mold lines. You may need clippers to clip off weird bits from the mold making process. Then, I used crappy walmart grey primer that cost next to nothing and I sprayed them lightly, not in a freezing environment, aiming as upright as possible, and keeping it thin. This keeps the detail intact. Primer helps the paint coat well.
Here's the cheap purple we will start with. Cheap Folk Art from Walmart with a couple black paint drops to darken it. Be careful because black paint goes a really long way when mixed with stuff!
Here's the model I'm going to be showing you. After priming and gluing to its base, I painted it purple with two layers of the purple I showed you and made sure it was entirely dry in between. Layer them lightly to keep it smooth. This picture shows it with the purple still a little wet. This step is called the base coat.

Here are the other paints I will be using. From the left: NOT Nuln Oil. It's basic red with a few drops of black to make a deep red. Basic blue called Enchanted Blue from the old Citadel line. Citadel Thunderhawk Blue, Citadel Mephiston Red or some basic red. All of these paints can be cheap stuff from Walmart but may use two layers. 

After the purple, use the dark red and pick up some part of the models that will be that color. On my Aquans, I paint the ribbed parts and the guns. This paint is still wet.

Next is the grey-blue. Pick out a few panels on the model. Remember what you chose and why so you can use this same mentality with your entire army. 

Now I use the standard blue. I am only going to use it to detail some of the weaponry. I chose the blue missiles on this model.

Now on to the silver. I used Citadel bright silver which I did not show in my picture with paints before. I paint the engines and little sliver parts.

Here too, and the little doors or whatever they are on the bottom.

Now on to a not so common addition to this paint scheme. I drybrush the entire model now with a light silver. This is actually not a common trick but it makes these models like a little sparkly and alien. Generally, I would drybrush the purple with a lighter purple right after the base coat. 
Now one of the secret weapons of making miniature painting easy. It's the black wash. Some people like dark brown wash but I always use black. Basically, you paint on the black wash with a larger brush, covering the entire model. You just need to make sure there are no clumped up area. 
Now the wash is dry and you can see, it muffles the color a bit. Some people will not like what this does to the model, but a later step helps bring the vibrancy out again. 
Here it another tactic that adds some spice to your models. Metallic paint! Cheap stuff from Walmart. Before these metallics, I'm going to base the model and varnish it.

Let's get to basing. White glue that base up on the top.

Let the sand roll over the wet glue.

After the sand is TOTALLY dry, paint it brown. I like to paint it over with the brown watered to about milk consistency. May take a few layers.

While it takes forever to dry, I glue more bases laying around.
Still more drying to do so I worked on some Aquan APCs. 

Here's the dried brown. Drybrush it over with an ochre or tan color. Paint the sides with the brown you used.

Blob some glue on and get ready for the static grass!

Take a clump of the static grass and shove it in the glue, not hard enough to feel the glue with your fingers, but enough to clump it up. I use two colors. 
While the base dries, paint metallic blue on the bubbles areas. After it dries, drybrush/overbrush a lighter metallic blue over the bubbly parts. Then, when that's dry, paint it with a lacquer varnish to give it shine. Also, paint the stand black.

Here's the finished model! I changed the cockpit to red and washed it black. Hope you like it!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Working on Aquans!

Hey all! Got a fantastic deal on some used Aquans to match my 2 player box set stuff and also some Dindrenzi. I've been painting both. Here are some of the Aquans!

Here's what u have done so far. Check the resource section of this blog for the paint scheme. I'm really excited about Aquans currently and love how they play. 

This was the original paint scheme when the models arrived from the original owner and I was really wowed by the look of it. After asking him how he did it, I replicated the scheme and now have a while bunch of stuff in this scheme. 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Sorylian Bol'Vuk'Ra "Battle Bathtub"

Here's the finished Bol"Vuk"Ra. Took forever to paint all those big lizards but it helped to glue in the center lizards later on. Hope you like it!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Planetfall Sorylians

Hey all! Sorry for the massive delay. I'm working on Planetfall Sorylians. Hope you like them!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dindrenzi Paint Scheme

I'm currently working on painting Dindrenzi and also Sorylians. I'm trying to get some good OSL on my Dindrenzi. What do you think? Go with the orange glow on the prow guns or just go without it?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Terran Alliance Painting Progress

Currently working on Terran Alliance and working out colors. Here's what I have so far:

The color on the camera makes it more pink than it looks in real life. It's very deep red.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Directorate New Scheme

Finally, some time to work on space ships! I have changed my paint scheme from the black and white looking ships in the pictures to the dark greyish blue. I'm also moving away from the "Eclipse Corporation," stolen from Mass Effect, but going with a pure Directorate scheme. Stay posted for more!

Direcotrate Dominance Carrier. Pretty much my favorite ship. I love how weird it looks. 

These are next on my agenda. Subjugator Heavy Cruisers. Also, you can see a little part of the Interceptor flight token. I only have a little bit more silver to do to complete the tokens.

Half way done with this guy. P.S. they are magnetized so I can use them as heavy or regular cruisers.

When the list gets above 800pts, I will be getting to these lovelies. I LOVE the Deterrent battlecruisers (on the left) and the Tormentors (right).