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Draco Sector: Campaign Turn 1 Results

+++Draco Sector Campaign Turn 1 End+++
In the last century, the planets in and around the Draco Sector have been experiencing turmoil in the form of riots, and in some instances, outright rebellion. The Imperial forces have quickly put the uprisings down, but there have been undercurrents of unrest and a push against the governing authorities. There has been a theme of dread and a concern of some impending doom it appears the populace has been made aware of. Astropaths have been experiencing psychic turbulence and often experience haunting nightmares that have led the representatives of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica into a panic, trying to uncover what might be causing such a disturbance in the warp.

A dark terror is rising on Ephesus. The Imperium is unaware of the daemonic being that sleeps within the planet's core. Inquisitors have been sent to the sector to find out why there has been nothing but silence from the once compliant mining world. There is more than just rebellion on Ephesus; there is outright corruption and daemon worship there. The conflict has grown heavily in high orbit around Ephesus between the arriving rebel fleets and the Imperial fleets, including smaller contingents of Bakka made vessels. Ess'g'ull'ich, a daemon prince of Chaos, has been rallying forces from throughout the sector to congregate on Ephesus and form up as a fleet and army under the banner of Chaos. Steel Legion Imperial Guard forces have been all but eradicated from the surface of the planet, but hope still remains while the Emperor's light shines. Ess'g'ull'ish, in collaboration with a Chaos Sorceror Malikai, have been sending forces to hold back the hammer that is the Imperial fleets that have bear bearing down on them. Chaos has not been successful in procuring the human sacrifices it needs to awake the sleeping beast below, primarily because of the victories won by the might, steel, and faith of the Imperial battle-groups.

Adding to the chaos that has been ensuing in the sector, Ariel, a balanced world, ripe with human resources and minerals, has seen a greater increase of Dark Eldar raids upon the surface. Because of the looming threat from Ephesus, the Imperium has not been able to send as much aid at it needs to to prevent the world from being stolen by xenos hands. Dark Eldar have not only taken countless captives, they have been so successful that they have gone beyond their hit and run raids and the planet has become a slave factory under their tyrannical and cruel rule.

The planet of Persephone IV, implanted with Ork fungus that it is constantly struggling to beat back, has luckily not seen difficult attacks on their citizens and the Imperial Guard, combined with a small presence of Inquisitorial Storm Troopers, have been able to stem the tide of an Ork uprising. How long will this hold out?

There have been persistent rumblings from local small Rogue Trader conglomerates that Craftworld Mymeara is making its slow journey through the Veiled Region and has come under assault of Necron fleets that have arisen like undead from the dark abyss. It has come to the mind of the Inquisition of the Ordo Xenos on Persephone IV that the smaller and less vain and xenophobic Eldar of Mymeara, knowing their history with Exodite and Corsair Eldar, might actually be a desperate partner in the struggle against the daemonic might of Chaos, the endless, lifeless legions of the Necrons, and the rising mob of the greenskins. The Imperium is winning, but the margin of victory is thin.

End of Turn 1 Results:
Imperium vs Chaos Winner: Imperial Navy/Battlefleet Bakka
Xenos Winner: Dark Eldar
Underdog: Craftworld Eldar

The Draco Sector at the end of Campaign Turn 1.

++Rewards for Use in Campaign Turn 2++
+Imperial Navy+
Triumphant Admiral: Imperial players may take the following admiral with the following special rules in place of the regular admiral in an Imperial Navy, Battefleet Bakka, or Adeptus Mechanicus fleets in games of 1500pts of greater:
Ld10 + 2 re-rolls
The vessel with the Triumphant Admiral adds +1 to any boarding actions. This does not stack with other boarding bonuses. If the vessel the Triumphant Admiral is on receives Bridge Smashed critical damage or the ship is destroyed, the Triumphant Admiral has been killed. The awards the enemy player +1 campaign point that should be reported in the submitted information. 

+Dark Eldar+
Sacrifice Frenzy: Dark Eldar may re-roll the result of one boarding action of their choice per 750pts of the game's set point value.

+Craftworld and Corsair Eldars (underdog bonus)+
Undying Resolve: Any game won by Craftworld of Corsair Eldar in campaign turn 2 awards them an additional +1 campaign point.

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