Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sorylians vs Aquans 1000

Had a great game tonight! Tested some of my favorite fleets. Things started pretty poorly for the Sorylians but in the end, a disordered Sorylian cruiser squad killed 2 damaged Aquan tier 1s in a single activation... Lesson from this game: DO NOT let Sorylians line up double broadside.

Sorylians had the ideal deployment with 2 brawler squads deploying within the gravity well of the planet. 

Snappers show up to pick away at the Warwolves

Aquan Hydra lines up a 4 arc shot but pays for it later... See the checkmate lining up for the Sorylians?

This is after this carrier died. Joel placed it in the debris field as a burnt out hulk.

This is the doom of the Aquan fleet: the Sorylian cruisers line up double broadside on the Aquan tier 1s and, even disordered from the gas clouds, kill them both. GG!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Pathogen 2

Alright! Finally time to make a mold of this beast. Here's how it turned out.

The plan was to be able to make one cast and have everything needed to make the model with some customization. I have yet to make a cast of it but I'm pretty sure it's going to work well. It's more a matter of how clean the casts are and how much flash comes along with it. Hope you like it!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pathogen 1

Do you like the idea of a Pathogen fleet but don't have models to use for it?? Same here. I'm working on sculpting Pathogen model that I will attempt to make casts of. Here's my first crack at it.

Here's the progress! The hope is to make a resin kit with a decent amount of tentacles that you can glue into sockets to vary the ships. The spines give it a slight triangular look when looking at it from the front seeing as there are 3 of them.The tentacles are stuck in with sticky tac at the moment. 

When it's done, all the yellow putty will be sculpted over (most likely). 

I'm planning on the kit looking like this.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Sorylian Ships At Their Best

I just wanted to post this photo of a moment in our game last night. A dying Sorylian Falx managed to do 7 total damage in one turn due to excellent positioning, AND end its turn in the gas clouds for protection.

Port guns and torpedoes did 1 damage to the Marshal, starboard guns did 2 damage to the Tyrant, starboard torpedoes did 2 damage to the further cruiser, killing it, did 1 damage to the farthest Missionary up top, and 1 damage to the closer cruiser by boarding. THIS FALX ONLY HAS 2 HULL POINTS LEFT. This is why Sorylians are amazing. Weapon shielding, huge weapon systems on both sides. Wow. This was one of those moments ESPECIALLY being on the receiving end, when I realized how excellent Sorylians are when used well.