Sunday, October 28, 2012

Battlefleet Gothic:Revised

As any of you know, I am a supporter and contributor to the Battlefleet Gothic: Revised (BFG:R) project. It has been in production for a long time now and the original creator, Plaxor, has decided that he will be unable to complete the project. I, and many others at the Specialist Arms forum have taken up the mantle and decided to get it done. BFG:R features, at this point, revised fleet lists, additional ships, and a couple small rules changes that make Battlefleet Gothic an overall better game. Here are the evolving fleet lists in their current (and live updated) form:

++BFG:R Imperial Navy++
++Eldar MMS BFG:R Edition++
++BFG:R Necron Fleets++
++BFG:R Space Marines++
++BFG:R Tau Empire++

In Process:
++BFG:R Chaos Fleets++
++BFG:R Adeptus Mechanicus++
++BFG:R Dark Eldar++
++BFG:R Ork Fleets++
++BFG:R Tyranid Hive Fleets++
++BFG:R Planetary Defenses++
++BFG:R Rogue Traders
++BFG:R Inquisition++

BFG:R wholeheartedly endorses Eldar MMS 1.9b as part of BFG:R and it has been linked above to the BFG:R edition.

Voted Changes in 2012:
V1 - New Tyrant stats: 180pts, 12wb L&R 30cm, +10pts for 10wb at 45cm. +20pts Nova Cannon upgrade.
V2 - MMS 1.9b is the official BFG:R Corsair and Craftworld Eldars.
V6 - Nova Cannons:
-D6 damage if the hole touches your base.
-1 Damage if it touches your base without the hole over your base. ] -You can lock-on to re-roll your scatter dice (the scatter die and the other D6s) -The scatter bands are 30cm - 60cm -> D6, 61cm - 150cm -> 2D6. -The Imperial Navy is limited to 1 per 500pts. -Shooting at a vessel with Holofields, the player can make you re-roll your score scatter dice result. If you are on lock-on. it negates this ability and the Nova Cannon shot should be resolved as if Lock-On and Holofields are not in effect.

V7 - There are now 2 hit escorts with the following rules:
-1. 4 maximum 2-hit escorts per escort squadron.
-2. A critical hit to 2-hit escorts causes 1 hit.
-The following ships have been changed into 2 hit escorts, with possible point increases:
-Eldar Hellebore, Tau Defender, Ork Grunt, Tyranid Kraken, Dark Eldar Corsair, Demiurg Rampart,
-Defense Monitor, Orbital Weapon Platform, and Escort Carrier.

V8 - Necron Cartouche, Khopesh, and Reaper approved with modified stats.

V10 - The Imperial Navy fleet list Commanders have changed.
All non-Battlefleet Cadia Imperial Fleet Lists:
Ld 8 50pts
Ld 9 75pts
Ld 10 100pts
+1 Reroll 25pts
+2 Reroll 50pts
+3 Reroll 75pts
Secondary Commanders 0-3
30pts +1Ld
+1 Reroll 15pts

Battlefleet Cadia:
Veteran Captain 0-5
15pts +1LD
+1 Reroll 15pts

V15 - Endeavor and Endurance have been changed to 125pts

V17 - The Defiant has been changes to 115pts.

V19 - Thunderhawk Annihilators have been changed to D3 attacks in bombing, instead of D6.

V21 - Necrons do not have the modified Victory Point table anymore and their point costs have been altered to make up for it. Also, we have included the standardized Reactive Hull at 4+.

V23 - Tau Protector reduced to 180pts

V24 - Tau Defender weaponry changed to 5 WB and 1 Torpedo, at 50pts with 2 hits.

V25 - Tau Castellan reduced to 45pts instead of 50pts.

V26 - RSVs will be included in the Space Marine fleet as IN versions only.

V29 - The Venerable Battle Barge (or "Ultima Battle Barge") will be included in the Armageddon Fleet

V31 - Chaos Space Marines now have the following rules:
Chaos Space Marines should exactly how they used to be but allows the ship to have the SM Ld chart (8-10) and instead adds +1 to the Lord or Warmaster if on the same ship for 35pts
V32 - The Marks of Chaos are now the following:
Chaos Marks (all 15pts, on any capitol ship, 1 mark per ship, squadrons may only have 1 type of mark):
-Mark of Tzeentch: (voted on later)
-Mark of Nurgle: +1 hit on that ship.
-Mark of Slaanesh: Enemies within 15cm suffer -1 to their Ld value.
-Mark of Khorne: the ship doubles their boarding value.
-Mark of Chaos Undivided (25pts): May only be taken on a Lord or Warmaster. Once per game, the Lord or Warmaster may expend the Mark of Chaos Undivided and allow the entire fleet to use their leadership value for the rest of the player's turn.
--All Chaos fleets are allowed to take marks of Chaos.
--Squadrons may only have one type of Mark on its ships.

V33 - Abaddon now have the following rules:
-Built in Chaos Space Marines and Terminators (Black Legion) instead of original Abaddon boarding rules and H&R rules
-original Abaddon RR per turn rules.
-original Abaddon "angry" rules
-original Abaddon double boarding value
-original Ld 10
-no Warmasters or Lords allowed in the fleet (however, secondary commanders are allowed)
-Abaddon may not take additional RRs

V34 - Tau Commanders and the Tau Special Character Mesme now have the following rules:
Ld 8 50pts
Ld 9 70pts
-up to 2 rerolls at 25pts each.
Mesme, same as original, 110pts.

V35 - Mark of Tzeentch
-"Vessels with a Mark of Tzeentch may re-roll the result of any critical hits they either suffer, or they cause on another ship. This includes the successful results of any Hit and Run attacks.

V36 - Chaos Ships Included:
-Relictor, Desecrator, Inferno, Heretic, Unbeliever, Schismatic, and Havoc vessels. 

V37 - Chaos Admirals
All Chaos Fleets...
LD 8 Lord 50pts
LD 9 Warmaster 75pts
-both admirals come with one reroll for free and may purchase 0-2 more for 25pts each.
Secondary Commanders LD 8 for 30pts and may purchase a RR only for their ship/squadron for 15pts.

V38 - Finalize Tau Empire (passed)

V39 - Chaos Unique Vessels' Costs
--Conquerer @ 380
--Wages of Sin @ 430
--Scion of Prospero @ 460
--Terminus Est @ 440
--Vengeful Spirit @ 425
----all would have built-in CSM.


  1. Thanks for taking on this work and doing such a fantastic job. I'm hoping you will continue despite GW's regretable decision to drop the whole Specialist Game line. One minor issue I thought I'd point out, the link for the "Planetary Defenses" document seems to be broken and just results in an error message from Drop Box.

  2. Hi,

    The Space Marines Chapters (Blood Angels, Dark Angels) rules are in any of this documents?


  3. Not in these documents. Some documents floating around have different options.

  4. Hay just a shout out to say thank you for all these rules, but any idea on how complete the in-progress lists are, and if these are the most up to date ones available.

  5. did the overlord ever get a buff? its a bit underwhelming even at 220

  6. Replies
    1. Click the BFG:R button at the top of the page for the newest ones.