Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Battle Report 4: Imperial Navy vs Dark Eldar

+++Imperial Navy vs Dark Eldar+++
Scenario: The Bait

+Imperial Navy (BFG:R)+
Armageddon (ld 8)
Dictator (ld7)
2 Cobras (ld 7)

+Dark Eldar (BFG:R)+
Torture (ld 8, Fiend Ascendant Pattern Carrier)
4 Corsairs (ld 7, 2 Venomed Blade Phantom Lance variant, 2 Lost Hatred Weapon Battery variant)

Here is the zoomed out overview of the board with only a slight bit of the left side cut off. The Armageddon is the "Bait" fleeing from the Dark Eldar.  The Imperial player is able to go first.

Here are the Dark Eldar, waiting to engage.

The Armageddon curves right around the asteroids, and Dictator and the Cobras enter the board and launch everything they've got.  10 torpedoes total and 4 bombers.

The Dark Eldar Corsairs go on All Ahead Full and blast forward. 

The Torture pushes forward but hangs back behind the Corsairs.

Tbe Corsairs fire on the Armageddon and cause no damage but take down both shields.

The Torture launches 3 fighters escorting 1 bomber.

The Dictator reloads ordnance,  the Cobras reload, and the Armageddon fails to lock on. The Cobras move forward to engage.

The Armageddon shoots the Corsairs, causing 2 damage and 1 critical, finishing the escort off.  Two torpedoes from the
Cobras were braced by the Corsairs and the rest were killed by turrets.

The Corsair push forward and cause 3 damage to the Armageddon while the Torture fires on the Cobras, killing one of them.  The bomber attacks the Cobra but fails to damage it.  The remaining 3 Dark Eldar fighers destroy the 4 Imperial Bombers.

The remaining Cobra disengages.  The Armageddon takes a damage from moving through the blast markers. Both cruisers shoot the Corsairs and kill one of them.  Torpedoes fired from the cruisers do one damage to the Torture.  Where the cruisers ended up after moving is shown in the following picture.

The Dark Eldar move into near point blank range and fire upon the Armageddon, which braces against 1 hit from the Corsairs but takes 2 damage from the Torture.  The Torture's bombers hit the Armageddon causing 2 damage. The Armageddon is now crippled.

Both fleets take the turn reloading and maneuvering. 1 damage is done to the Torture.

The cruisers fly away from the Dark Eldar and exchange some fighter and bomber attacks.  There is a missing picture after this one where the Dark Eldar fly up right behind the Armageddon and fire upon it, causing 1 damage which is braced.  Bombers from the Torture also hit the Armageddon causing 1 damage which is braced.
The Corsairs fire point blank at the Armageddon, which braced.  Bombers press forward the strike either cruiser.

The cruisers make their way into a circular movement.  The Dictator reloads.  The Armageddon causes one damage to the Corsair.  

The Imperials come together to nearly complete their circle and kill a Corsair with lances from the Armageddon. The Dark Eldar fly up as close as possible to fire upon the Dictator without being able to be rammed by the Armageddon.  The Dictator takes only one hit and braces some.  This is a big mistake for the Dark Eldar...

The Dictator makes a clumsy failed leadership to navigate the asteroid field and takes 3 damage (ouch!) which cripples it. The Corsairs brace, seeing what is coming, but it isn't enough and the Corsair is finished off.  Enough damage was caused by the Armageddon to cripple the Torture.  That was it! The Dark Eldar had pretty much no chance after that! The Imperial disengaged and that was the game! Imperial victory!

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