Saturday, March 9, 2013

Deliverance - Perseus Sector Part 2

Here is the second video of the Perseus series! This video was made in partnership with Helios Ravensnest and Fearless Games. The entire series is posted HERE.

The planet Tarith has been taken by Dark Eldar and what is left of Battlefleet Perseus has been sent fleeing. The Adamant Light, an Armageddon Class Battlecruiser flees for its life, only to meet up with another Imperial cruiser. This video was based off of our Battle Report 4: Imperial Navy vs Dark Eldar. Let us know if you have recommendations or requests for the next one!

For all Doran'Por and Perseus sector videos, please click the "Doran'Por and Perseus" link at the top of the blog!


  1. Love your site, I've been following for awhile and I finally found someone else to play with me so I can finally make the plunge and start playing. Which rule set would you recommend for me to start with? I'm leaning heavily towards BFG:R but I can't seem to find the rules.


  2. Thanks! I recommend learning the basic and advanced rules from the GW site as well as the 2010 FAQ. I have been using those rules with the BFG:R fleet lists lately. BFG:R, as linked in the tab on the top of my page, is currently only working on the fleet lists and those lists work really well with the GW basic and advanced rules as well as the 2010 FAQ.

  3. really great work hear guys! love it.