Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Internet Battle 1.9: Turn 6 and End

Turn 6

Imperial Navy
Lunar 2 drifts forward 14cm
Carnage 2 stops burning and drifts 19cm.
Mars and Exorcist reload
Lunar 1 fails to lock on.
The Retribution moves forward and turns (so as to not fly off the board)
The Dauntlesses move forward and end their move on top of the Desolator and travel through to end their turn behind them, then turning 90 degrees.
The Lunar fires on Devastation 2 and knocks 1 shield down.
The Dauntlesses fire on Devastation 2 which braces) and takes a shield down and another damage which is braced).
The Retribution causes 3 total damage to Devastation 2, 1 is braced (now down to 3 hits left).
The Mars and Exorcist fire on Carnage 1 causing 1 shield to collapse.

THE END. Due to the night getting late and the fact that Gavin saw the impending doom of the Chaos (unless embarking on the next several internet turns to circle around), Gavin has conceded the game!

++Imperial Navy Victory+++

This is a shot from right at the end of the game where the bombers were about to make short work of the Carnage and possibly damaging the Acheron. The Mars and Exorcist made quite a good team and were able to separate two capable Chaos gunships from reconnecting with their main fleet.

This shot was also from the end of the game. The Lunar is about to drift off the board to the right and we can see the IN start to circle towards the north to make their circle around again.

Here is the final layout of the game in the middle of the last IN turn...

Completed Turns = 5
Imperial Navy - 0 RR
Retribution: (6, Crippled)
Mars: (6)
Lunar 1
Dauntless 1
Dauntless 2: (4)

Chaos - 1 RR
Carnage 1: (2, crippled, Bridge Smashed)
Acheron 1
Acheron 2: (5)
Devastation 1
Devastation 2: (6)

Lunar 2: (drifting hulk)
Carnage 2: (blazing hulk)

As you can see from the previous pictures, Carnage 1 would have most likely been destroyed in the following ordinance phase and Acheron 1 would have probably sustained some damage as well.  Sensing a defeat, Gavin decided to throw in the towel and hand the game to the Imperial Navy. To be fair to Gavin, scheduling time with him has been very difficult due to scheduling conflicts and this has prevented me from continuing the game. I hope everyone enjoyed our first internet battle! There will most likely be some changes for the next one. Thanks for reading!


  1. Well this was most fun. Unfortunately everyone that showed interest did not seem to want to chip in after the fleet selection process, but that seemed to be the only downfall (other than the length). This almost needs to be scheduled to all take place on one day, maybe with a live stream or hourly updates on the boards.

  2. I totally agree with your comments. I think scheduling it during a day is the best idea. Thanks for taking part man!

  3. Actually the Carnages could have fired on the ordnance waves. Two sixes and both would have been gone.

  4. 10 years after i want to see more !