Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Battlemarkers: Miniature wargaming markers that don't suck!

I have recently been in contact with Scott at Battlemarkers and got two sets of BFG Battlemarkers to try out. I must say, these things look great. Here are the sets that I got...


The concept for making these is great because they are essentially made just like a button of some metal band you would pin on your ripped, sleeveless, jean jacket to wear to the latest headbang fest, except they do not have the pin on the back.  The are flush on the back and lay on the gaming table without any wobble. There isn't any pixelation so the graphics and the font look very sharp and clean. There is nothing to tarnish the professional look of these babies.

One thing that is really helpful is that Battlemarkers carries a couple colors of the special orders dice so you don't get confused when your ships are dug into the enemy fleets lines and you want to keep a marker on them but not think you orders are from another ship.

Overall, with the price of these things, you can order a couple of sets because, for $5-6, they are awesome and easier to see than the special order dice from GW (which I still use and love). I would recommend that your game group order two sets of the special order dice for public use, and you personally order two sets of special order markers for yourself to use, of a color that is different than someone elses.

Another thing, Battlemarkers just released a blast markers set...

They are not exactly the same shape as the original blast markers from the starter set or the printout you can get on the GW website, but they are almost exactly the same size so don't be afraid to use them. I am hoping to pick up a few batches of these soon to use instead of my old frayed edged GW carboard ones. I assume the Battlemarker version will last a lot longer.

Pick up some of these at the following link...

Battlemarkers: Miniature wargaming markers that don't suck!

A+, sweet stuff, great job, awesome, you get a good grade. Expect to see these in future battle reports. Plus, the shipping is frickin fast if you are in the U.S.


  1. My brother got some of these for his 40k armies, Blood Angels, Necrons, and smoke markers. They are really nice. I was looking at the Imperial Gaurd ones as well as those for Dust: Warfare. I did not know they had them for BFG, may just have to pick up some blast markers as right now we use old plastic bottle caps for those and many other things.

  2. Hum its nice to see some companies supporting the game and with them mounted to metal with the coating they should be pretty durable. The only issue I would have is the cost to get enough of these for even a moderately sized game. the special order tokens while nice do not seem nearly as convenient as the epic order dice especially when you consider that the Epic dice are only $11.50 for 6 and each die has each of the orders marked. The critical hit markers, while a good idea, seem to be something that would just clutter the table more. Now if you had some magnetic quick reference cards for your ships and had enough of these for all of your ships I could see these being a simple way of keeping track of whats going on with each ship without having to write everything down tho...

    Looking forward to your reviews on these products.