Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Varnish Issues...

I did well in Gothicomp this year. I happened to win the Conversion category with my Dark Eldar Mortalis. Interestingly enough, I am pretty disappointed with my Dark Eldar. Why you ask? Because the stupid varnish clouded it all up.

Here they are before...

And after...

The new picture is taken on a nice Canon camera and the first one taken on my cell phone and honsetly, I think the first picture looks so much better because you can see all the cloudiness in the second one that was added by the varnish spray. I am now totally ANTI-SPRAY VARNISH.

I have found a better way to do it. Paint on varnish! I have been painting some Space Marines for our Deathwatch games and the paint on varnish is amazing. It is a "matte" varnish, thought it does add some shine. It seemingly makes the colors more bold (probably because of the slight shine) and doesn't cloud them at all. I will be posting some pictures of them soon as a sideshow before we get back to the carnival called BFG.


  1. I have used Armory brand and GW Purity seal. Purity seal does work well at times but still can have the heavy cloud effect like you see on the Dark Eldar ships.

    1. The only way to go is testors or tamyia. I have used testors dullcoat, works great every time.

  2. The before pic is almost very similar to the paint scheme that I have on my Space Marine fleet, although I confess that yours looks much better.

    I agree on the Testors varnish. I use both the gloss and matte varnishes. First a gloss coat to protect and then a matte coat so that the figures are not bright and shiny.

    Given the effect that you now have, I wonder what the effect would be if you drybrushed something onto the dullcoat. You may get an interesting illusion of depth or perhaps of translucency, which would play well with the BFG storyline of Dark Eldar ships looking like things they are not to an asupex.

    In any case, the figs look great even if they didn't come out as you intended.

  3. Hum I voted for these, I thought you were going for a powder blue look tho :/...

  4. In person, the earlier version just looks great (to my eyes). The new version looks a little more textured than the first version and I don't like that there isn't a little bit of shine to them.