Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Space Marine Fleets: 5

Some updates on the Space Marine fleets:
-Resin casting is really hard. First mold making attempt went to crap after forgetting to use mold release. You can imagine how that went... Plus, the SM Strike Cruiser is just a difficult model for casting anyways. I eventually got a good mold but the casts will need a lot of touch up to look nice.
-The touch ups on the Raptors strike cruisers got so tedious, I had to take a break for a while; that, combined with my "Research Methods in Counseling" summer class.
-I have the Carcharodon Strike Cruisers casted, touched up, converted a few, and now based and ready to be primed.

I put the "Hunters" in there for a size comparison but they are also a sneak peak at the color scheme; not that you can see it all that well in this splendid picture.... All the green spots on the Strike Cruisers are, you guessed it, liquid green stuff for bubble filling. The way I made the mold for them wasn't the best and the result was some areas of bubbled in the model. Notice the ones on the top right with their launch bays on the sides.
-The Battle Barge for the Carcharodons is on the way so it looks like I will be finishing these guys completely before moving to the Raptors. All I need to do is assemble and base it, prime the BB and the cruisers, and then speed paint them. I need to pick up some varnish to finish these guys off after I paint them. Should happen soon! I am dying to use these guys in battle.
-I have the models for the Red Corsairs but I am going to take a crack at some lists with them and see how it goes.


  1. That will be an excellent looking fleet!

    How do those strike cruisers compare size wise with the GW model? They look bigger.

  2. Looks nice. I've casted tons of IN BFG ships to decent success. Great job on these ones.

  3. Thanks guys! They are very comparable in size. I highly recommend them. I will do a comparison picture at some point. I am excited for the battle barge to arrive to get this fleet finished because they have Dark Eldar to kill...

  4. Looking good, I like how your using Chaos escorts, it helps keep the pre-heresy feel.

  5. Thanks! I agree, the pre-heresy thing is pretty sweet. I've been working on the Raptors fleet lately but I have the Carcharodon battle barge built and primed. I am hoping to get the fleet painted when I have a good chunk of time.