Monday, June 18, 2012

Space Marines Fleets: 6

I have been hammering away at the Carcharodon fleet. I finally have all the models built and primed. I am just starting to get to work on painting the cruisers. I have the escorts done.

Carcharodon battle barge and one of the touched up Raptors strike cruisers. I cut the side antenna off of the side wings of the Desolator and I think it looks that much better and matches the pre-heresy Strike Cruisers much more. Notice, I had to sand off the Chaos stars on it. 

More of the Carcharodon fleet is there plus some more goodies I have to work on. I am hoping to get another torpedo Dauntless to match the one shown and I am dying to paint the Blackstone Fortress. The battle barge is missing a piece but I will make it work. 

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