Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Internet Battle 1.8: Turn 5

The fleets collide and leave massive damage upon their enemy.

Imperial Navy:
The Mars and Exorcist reload their ordinance.
The Lunars lock on.
The Dauntlesses fail their lock on roll and use a re-roll. They fail the second time as well.
All ships advance.

-The Retribution fires into Carnage 2 causing 4 hits: 2 shields and 1 damage is braced. 1 damage to the hull.
-The locked on Lunars fire on the braced Carnage 2 and cause a massive 6 damage, turning it into a blazing hulk! Acheron 2 has 1 shield knocked down.
-The port broadside guns of the Lunars fire upon Devastation 2. The shooting takes down 2 shields and does 2 damage to the hull.
-The Dauntlesses cause 3 total damage to Acheron 2 taking the second shield down and causing 1 hull damage.
-The Mars and Exorcist shoot at Carnage 1 knocking 2 shields down.

-The Lunars fire their torpedoes separately at the Desolator: 1 wave (from the crippled Lunar) is destroyed by the fighters, the other wave of 6 lose 2 to torpedoes and miss with the rest. 
-The Mars and Exorcist launch 4 assault boats and 6 bombers towards Carnage 1 and Acheron 1.

The Devastations reload.
The Desolator locks on.

-Carnage 2 moves forward 12 centimeters and continues to blaze.
-Carnage 1 runs into the assault boat wave killing 0 of them with turrets. Starboard weapons damaged, nothing, nothing, and engine room damage.
-Carnage 1 and Acheron 1 shoot the mars. Take 2 shields down and 1 hull damage.
-The Desolator shoots Lunar 2 with its batteries. Takes 2 shields down, 2 hull damage, and 1 is braced.
-The Desolator shoots Lunar 2 with lances. Braces 3 of 4 damage.
-The Devastations shoot Lunar 2. 1 hull damage.
-Acheron 2 shoots Lunar 2 and causes 2 hull damage after 1 is braced. Drifting hulk!

-The Desolator fires its torpedoes at the Retribution and causes 2 hull damage and gets the engine room damaged critical (another 1 damage and cannot turn).
-The Devastations launch 2 fighters: 1 on CAP on Devastation 2 and 1 on CAP on the Desolator. 6 bombers attack the Retribution causing only 1 damage.
-All 6 Imperial  bombers engage Carnage 1 causing 2 damage.
-Carnage 1 repairs its starboard weapons.

(Lunar 2 drifted forward 12cm after these pictures were taken. I wanted to get that out of the way so you can plan your tactics differently if need be)

Off in the distance, the Mars and Exorcist battle Carnage 1 and Acheron 1.

At the end of the turn, 2 cruisers are wrecked and the damage is high. The Retribution and the Desolator are within arms reach.

Here is a better view to see the special orders dice. Acheron 2 was barely able to shoot Lunar 2 with starboard weapons. 

It is difficult to see, but there is a fighter squadron on the Desolator and another on Devastation 2 (the left one).

Ready for turn 6 orders!

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