Thursday, May 17, 2012

Space Marine Fleets: 4

Thank you all for voting in the Secessionist Chapter poll! I was a little bit surprised by how things turned out. Honestly, I thought Astral Claws were going to win easily. I am glad to see some support for the Lamentors and Executioners. And the winner is...

The Red Corsairs

Here is what I think I will do. I will use some of the Pre-Herey strike cruisers, maybe 3-4 or so, and I will make them up as Red Corsairs. I could make more strike cruisers to complete this but I think it would make more sense to make the Red Corsairs to complement my current Chaos fleet instead of making the World Eaters I mentioned before. I would be able to run them as a regular Chaos list with strike cruisers or a Space Marine list with Chaos ships. I will me making a pre-heresy fleet for the Carcharodons, a standard looking fleet for Raptors, and 3-4 strike cruisers to add to my current Chaos fleet as Red Corsairs. This is doubly good because I currently have all the models I need to finish the Red Corsairs, most of the models for the Carcharodons, and will need a few more things for the Raptors. 

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