Monday, May 7, 2012

Internet Battle 1.6: Turn 3

+++Internet Battle 1: Turn 3+++

The fleet advances as the Lunars lock on. The Mars destroys the Chaos Assault Boats with lance shooting. The Imperial Assault Boats advance near the edge of the asteroids.

Acheron 1 squad goes on All Ahead Full and rolls high, blasting forward.
All ships in the east go on orders: Desolator and Acheron 2 squadron go on Lock On and the Devastations reload ordinance. The all advance. The Acheron 2 squadron shoot the Retribution. The Retribution braces, expecting the rest of the Chaos to shoot him. Total, the Retribution takes 2 damage, after shields, from the shooting. The rolls were on the side of Chaos for this action.

The Desolator shoots the Dauntless squadron. They decide to brace and take 2 damage after a shield from the Desolator. The Devastations shoot at the Imperial Assault Boats and fail to destroy them.

The Devastations launch a wave of 3 fighters and 4 Assault Boats, and one separate fighter. The larger wave engages to Imperial Assault Boats and the fighters return to their mothership after destroying them all, leaving the Chaos Assault Boats nearby. The single Chaos Fighter holds position between the fleets.

Retribution: 2 damage (10)
Dauntless 2: 2 damage (4)

The Mars pulls past the Exorcist and destroys the Chaos Assault Boat squadron. Acheron 1 squadron is coming in fast.

The Imperial bulk advances, ready for striking. The Chaos pull around the asteroids and unleash their firepower. The attack craft in between the two fleets are 1 Chaos Fighter and 3 Chaos assault boats. The Retribution and the Dauntless squadron are braced for impact. 

Acheron 1 squadron are advancing on the port side of the Mars and Exorcist.

Here is a few from behind the Imperial mass. 

The Imperials are closing quickly. 
Ready for turn 4 orders!

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