Thursday, May 17, 2012

Internet Battle 1.7: Turn 4

+++Internet Battle 1: Turn 4+++

Imperial Navy
The Lunars lock on.
The Mars and Exorcist lock on.

-The Mars and the Exorcist fire upon Carnage 1, which braces. The firing takes down 2 shields and causes 2 damage to the hull and causing a Bridge Smashed critical!
-Carnage 2 braces, expecting an onslaught of firepower. The Lunars take down both shields and cause 1 hull damage which is braced.
-The Retribution fired upon Carnage 2 causing 2 hits total, 1 is braced.
-The Dauntlesses cause 3 hits on Carnage 2, 2 of which are braced.

-The Mars and Exorcist launch Assault Boats and Bombers towards Carnage 1.
-The Chaos Assault Boats engage the Retribution, 2 are destroyed by turrets, and 1 causes a Dorsal Armament critical (repaired in the end phase).

Desolator Lock-on.
Devastations Reload.

-Carnage 2 fired on the Retribution taking 1 shield down.
-The Desolator fired on the Retribution and takes down 3 shields and 2 hull points. It braces and shrugs off 1 of the 2.
-The Devastations fire on the Retribution and causes 3 hull damage, 2 of which are braced.
-Carnage 1 and Acheron 2 test to split fire and pass. Carnage 1 fires on the Imperial Assault Boats and destroys them. Acheron fires on the Mars and takes down 2 shields and does 1 hull damage.

-5 Bombers are launched by the Devastations and engage Lunar 2. 1 is shot down by massed turrets. The roll was quite lucky for Chaos and the Lunar takes 4 damage and a Shield Collapse critical.
-The Imperial Bombers engage Carnage 1. 2 are shot down by massed turrets and 2 damage is caused to the hull, 1 of which is braced.

Carnage 1: 3 damage (5; Bridge Smashed)
Carnage 2: 1 damage (6)

Retribution: 2 damage (8)
Mars: 1 damage (7)
Lunar 2: 4 damage (4; crippled; Shield Collapse)

-Mars to Carnage 1: 29cm
-Retribution to Carnage 2: 11cm
-Lunar 2 to Carnage 2: 13cm
-Dauntless 2 to Carnage 2: 14cm
-Dauntless 2 to Desolator: 18cm
-Lunar 2 to Devastation 2: 25cm (23ish B2B)
-Retribution to Desolator: 20cm
-Lunar 2 to Desolator: 20cm (17ish B2B)

There is a fighter squadron on CAP on the Desolator, Acheron 2, and Carnage 2.
This poor purple planet must be in utter turmoil as two close by separate battles surround it.

Carnage 2, the Retribution, and Lunar 2 have taken damage. Note: the blast markers from the Carnage were removed at the end of the Chaos turn so these pictures show a one sided story.  Also, note the fighters on CAP on the Chaos ships. 

The Chaos are dangerously close to the Imperial vessels. This provided increased effectiveness for Carnage 2 and Acheron 2. 

This is a view from the galactic north. Surely this picture was blurred by Chaos interference.
We await your orders for turn 4!

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