Saturday, May 5, 2012

Space Marines Fleets: 2

Before casting, I noticed that the bottom part of the strike cruiser was open and hollow. So, I took some plasticard and shaped it in a way that covered the bottom so the silicone mold would not go into it. At first, I tried to make the mold with some bits I may use to decorate it late. This did not work out so well so I ended up having to cut out some of the smaller bits part of the mold so that the ship would cast properly.

This is the ship and the bits in the clay, in the lego box, ready for part 1 of the mold to be poured over it. These bits needed to be cut out later on.

Here, I am measuring out stuff for part 2 of the mold. The first one went well but it Used too much liquid mold and wasted some. 

Part 2 is drying. Each time you let a mold set like this, you have to wait 8 hours or so. I Let the first dry overnight and started the second one the next morning, waited 8 hours, then that night, it was ready. 

Here we are! The original is on the top left, the first attempt, which failed, is on the bottom left. The other ones worked out well! It isn't perfect (the engines will need some work), but I am really happy with how they turned out.

In the end, I have 12 total Pre-Heresy Strike Cruisers. I will be using these for the World Eaters vessels, the Carcharodon vessels (to look pre-heresy style), and to give some to a friend who will be working on Chaos (watch out for Nolan in future battle reports!).

As for the Raptors....

To be continued...

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