Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BFG Scenery Making 1

Currently, our gaming group has one 8ft by 4ft gaming table and we are hoping to make another. We already gave the actual 8x4 table made but we are going to put a layer of hardboard over it that is painted up space style and make a whole new batch of scenery for it. Here is our progress so far...

Found these at the hobby story. These are slightly larger than the GW flying bases but will be perfect for asteroids.
Using some of the massive board of pink foam we still have from all sorts of scenery projects and a hot wire cutter, Gavin started shaving down the blocks. Here is what he started with.

Meanwhile, I drilled the holes in the bases to fit the stand material.
Our goal is for many more of these. 
Here are our compiled gas cloud collections from various destroyed dog toys (thanks Angus!).
This will be a planet for the new board. 

Here is an action shot, starting to shape an asteroid. 

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