Friday, March 9, 2012

The Protoss Protectorate Fleet

It is spring break and I have a lot of time on my hands. Here is The Protoss Protectorate Fleet (Beta V2)! Please feel free to download, share with your game group, playtest, critique, enjoy, exterminate. As quickly as I can get feedback, I will be able to update and complete the rules.


Here are the ships (based off of the Models for the Relthoza Fleet for Firestorm Armada by Spartan Games)...

Tassadar Class Dreadnought - This is Protoss's Planet Killer. No Armageddon Gun but tons of long range firepower and ordinance. Also, a Nexus ship (you will have to see the rules to see what Nexus ships do.)

Aiur Super Carrier - A well armed battleship carrier that is also a Nexus ship. Dangerous Photon batteries.

Colossus Class Battlecruiser - A close-medium ranged gunboat. Durable and devastating at close ranges.

Guardian Cybernetics Carrier - A grand cruiser sized carrier with some long range ranged photon support.

Arbiter Class Cloaking Vessel - The first of the 3 medium cruisers. This vessel offers Photon battery support but is also a Nexus ship with a Cloaking Field.

Immortal Class Cruiser - The second of the medium cruisers and the smallest carrier option as well as support firepower.

Unfading Class Cruiser - The third of the 3 medium cruisers and the most firepower focused. The Unfading has a very powerful front threat range.

Zealot Class Frigate - The Zealot is a very powerful gun-focused escort that is very fast and dangerous at close ranges.

Dragoon Class Destroyer - A multi-arc Photon battery escort with ordinance targeting.

Hope you guys like it!
If you are interested in editing or playtesting, please email me at or contact me on the Specialist Games Forum.

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