Saturday, March 3, 2012

Designing fleets

I love to make new rules for fleets. I have been a huge Starcraft fan since the freakin game came out and I have always seen an overlap in the Starcraft world and the Warhammer world, though humanity functions much differently. That being said, Terran in Starcraft are much like the Imperial Guard in my mind and Zerg are obviously very similar to Tyranids (my fave). I have always loved the Protoss and it is a race I would love to see BFG ships for. SO...... I designed a Protoss fleet. After a bunch of revisions and much feedback, it is in the final stretches of the rules designing. I will say that it's kind of in the Beta stage.

One of the motivators for making the Protoss fleet is the fact that I saw the Relthoza models from Firestorm Armada and immediately thought they looked like Protoss ships. Great! Now I have a great starting point. While brainstorming with some people on a message board, we came up with a few things that would influence the Protoss fleet designing process:

-awesome technology
-teleporting/phasing tech
-cybernetic stuff. many protoss units are cybernetic and not actually of the protoss species.
-High Templar and Dark Templar ships and making them different.
-good leadership and boarding. this is going to be more of an "elite" like Space Marine vessels. They will be awesome but expensive.

While I am finishing up the final rules and testing them, check out the models here:

At this point, I do not have rules for the Venom Destroyer or the Apex Dreadnought. I am juggling getting these rules done while working on another fleet as well! So much to do.

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