Saturday, March 24, 2012

BFG Scenery Making 3

Here are some pictures from yesterdays scenery work.

One of our gamers decided to make a Megaroid (mega asteroid). This was about 10 minutes before he cut his finger badly.

Here are the glued in stands, drying. 

Soldering iron used to put craters in the asteroids.

Here are some of the cratered asteroids with one on the right that hasn't been worked on.
A Space Marine Strike Cruiser wading through the first batch of finished asteroids. 

Finally, the finished group. This is definitely enough for the new game board.

Some of the bases have multiple asteroids attached by paper clips.

A close up of some of them. Notice the one in the back with 4 asteroids on 1 base. 

Here's the almost finished Megaroid with a normal asteroid next to it. The base for the Megaroid was made  using the drill press posted about earlier.


  1. Great stuff man. I really need to make more BFG terrain for myself. I usually go smaller on the asteroids. But I need to make some this size.

  2. I hope your friend is ok. Those are pretty cool with the multiple asteroids, very reminiscent of the ones pictured in the fluff. Some cheap chain from The Home Depot or Lowes would look pretty good for the connecting "arms" (with the links soldered solid of course). The "megaroid" would make a great rogue planet or pirate base too. That makes me wonder tho, if your asteroids were built like your planets (half sphere) would that make them hemi-roids?

  3. The plan was going to be to make the Megaroid into a pirate base. Also, we like to avoid hemiroids in the realm of BFG, especially in my house. :)