Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Tale of 3 Fleets: 1

Here are the non mega fleet ships laid out for you to see next to a IN Sword.
In the updates panel of the blog, we have been updating the progress of ordering 3 new fleets: Terran Dominion (a home-brew Starcraft fleet), The Xenarch (a home-brew 40k species), and Dark Eldar.

Terran Dominion
Part of the TD fleet has arrived from England (amazingly fast shipping) from Ground Zero Games. We ordered a "Mega Fleet" which doesn't exactly exist for the ScanFed fleet (the models are from the "Scandinavian Federation" fleet from GZG). Jon at GZG put together a ScanFed Mega Fleet and allowed us to tweak it a little. Awesome customer support. The Mega Fleet isn't here yet (probably tomorrow) but we got all the extras on top of it (a GC carrier, 2 CL carriers, and an artillery cruiser). 

 The Xenarch
Same deal with the Xenarch. We are using GZG's "Federated Stats Europa" fleet. As with the ScanFed, I absolutely love these models. It was hard to find the measurements (I never did) but I used the grid that the pictures from the GZG website are on and made my best guess. So far, I am mostly correct. The Mega Fleet for the Xenarch have not arrived yet (probably tomorrow also) but I did get the extras (a GC carrier, a regular cruiser carrier, and 2 escorts). 

Grand cruiser carrier. This is going to take a while... all pewter, tons of pinning. 
Dark Eldar
The whole DE fleet arrived while I was on vacation (Maui!) and I arrived yesterday to it. It will have 6 cruisers of different sizes and 10 escorts, all from DE 40k stuff. 

Heck yes. I just noticed that there is a cruiser pictured on the Hellion box on the left. Looks awesome. 

This bag has the first 3 cruisers cut out and ready for converting. 

Escorts in a bag.

Cruisers up close.

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  1. You may want another box of hellions, as there are 3 different types of skyboards (2 of a, 2 of b, 1 of c) per box. Getting a total of 15 allow you to have a full squadron of 2 variants, with 3 of a third. Otherwise you have to mix and match the styles for escorts with different functions. I made 3 torp, 6 impalers and 6 lances with mine, it's a lot easier to tell the squadrons apart when they match.