Wednesday, April 11, 2012

BFG Scenery Making 4

Cheap black paint from Walmart. $12 or so. Grab a crappy paint roller and get to work!

Alright so I skipped a few pictures. This is the board; 2 layers of black, toothbrush sprayed on white stars, and blue spray paint to make it look all cloudy and colorful.

Here's a little bit of a close up. It's dark in the garage so it didn't turn out well.

I wanted this board to be more colorful than our other board so I went a little overboard on the blue. 
Here is the board after the first gloss layer is applied. The gloss is a bit bubbly and is opaque white and worries me a bit because it obscures all the detail on the board.

All the white in this picture is foam from the gloss. It is pretty much completely bubbles. 

This would look so much cooler without the stripes of white foam. 
I do know that the gloss looks white until it dries. I am hoping the bubbles will pop too. If things go poorly, I will be able to sand it down and start over. I am pretty sure it will dry well. I am going to leave it to dry over night. Man, does the other board look great with the two layers of gloss. I intend to make this one the same way.

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