Friday, April 27, 2012

A Tale of 3 Fleets 6: DARK ELDAR FINISHED

DONE. Holy crap, I am way happier than I thought I would be now that these are done. I was worried they would look too similar to my other Eldar fleets but they are very distinguishable. 

At the top is a Mortalis with batteries and lances. The middle is a lance cruiser. The bottom left is a Mortalis with torpedoes. The top 2 escorts are 3 impaler Corsairs and the bottom 3 Corsairs are lance variants. 

The cruisers on the bottom left are carriers. You can see in this shot that the Corsairs on the bottom don't have the extended gun so they are the weapon battery variants. On the top is a torpedo cruiser. The smaller ships are Subjugation escorts.

Here it is again! Using BFG:R rules, it is someone around 2,000 pts. 
Hope you like them! I am planning on making a how to make them video like I did with my Tyranid fleet so you can make them this way.