Sunday, April 8, 2012

Full Thrust: Ship Sizes

I have never been able to find a good list of sizes for Full Thrust ships by Ground Zero Games. I absolutely love their ships and own the following fleets:

The Scandinavian Federation (what I use for Terran Dominion):

I will start from the bottom left and make my way up.

Ariander: 2.5cm
Hrafn: 3.2cm
Tjeld: 3.2cm
Mjolnir: 3.8cm
Trondheim: 5.3cm
Saint Olaf: 5.4cm (bigger than the Trondheim but with a smaller front gun so it's only slightly longer)
Hardrada: 6.4cm
Peder Skram: 8.2cm
SleipnirL 8.7cm
Ericsson: 8.7cm
Valhalla: 11.7cm

Federated Stats Europa (what I use for the Xenarch):

I will start from the bottom left and make my way up.

Cygne (not pictured): 1.4cm
Daphne: 2.4cm
Lemnos: 3.1cm
Thetis: 3.6cm
Ardennes: 4.8cm
Colbert: 5.7cm
Tourville: 5.9cm
Duquesne: 7.4cm
Stromboli: 8.7cm
Da Silva: 7.6cm
Littorio: 10.3cm
Affondatore: 10.2cm
Charlemagne: 11.6cm


  1. hello i'm a tau player and wish to play BFG using Full Thrust Federated Stats Europa but am not sure of the size difference for my fleet ships For example
    i was going to use
    Richelieu Class Heavy Carrier as custodians
    and maybe a tanker for a explorer
    and Littorio Class Battledreadnought for Heros
    could you help by giving me size scale (is a Heavy carrier size of Imperial versions or tau etc
    thank you for any help

  2. I would consider the Da Silva for Heros and, Richelieu as Custodians, and their Dallas Class Refinery Ship would make a great Explorer, though I do not own that model. It certainly looks size appropriate. Thetis is just about perfect for Castellans and Lemnos for Wardens.