Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Afterimagedan Paint Schemes

Basecoat Sotek Teal
Drybrush Lothern Blue
Black wash
Lightly drybrush lighter teal

Big lizards: dark camo green then drybrush light camo green, then watered down green wash.

Basecoat entire model purple
Deep red/magenta guns and some details
Basic red on cockpits
Very light (not heavy) bright silver drybrush
Wash all with black wash
Bubble parts, Folk Art 656E Blue Sapphire metallic
Overbrush the metallic blue with Folk Art 2588E Ice Blue

GW Thunderhawk Blue the whole model

Black prime
Stormvermin Fur (dark grey with a brown tint) drybrush
Medium grey drybrush
Light grey drybrush
Silver details
Road block on infantry bases Light grey (white drybrush after the next step)
Wash all black
Teal details
Highlight the teal with Ice Blue (very light blue)
Blue OSL

Prime black
Drybrush Stormvermin
Drybrush Dawnstone
Drybrush Administratum Grey
Details of hawk turquoise
Mithril silver weapons and small detail
Wash entire model black
Rehighlight hawk turquoise
Highlight turquoise with ice blue
Orange OSL - dry brush Tangelo orange around. Fill engine with it too. Layers up to orange tinted white as close to source as possible. 

Drybrush dark silver
Drybrush light silver
Wash black
Drybrush light silver again
Dark Blue-grey (Thunderhawk Blue)
Drybrush the Thunderhawk Blue with Ice Blue
Wash the blue parts with black wash
Light drybrush blue areas with Ice Blue again
White and red details
blue OSL engines (ice blue on source, white with a little ice blue source highlight, medium blue as the non-source glow part)

Spray gunmetal Army Painter spray
Drybrush light silver
Teal panels (Citadel Sotek Green)
Dark teal panels (Citadel Stegadon Scale Green)
Black wash (Citadel Nuln Oil)
Re-paint the armor panels in the two previously mentioned colors, avoiding the recesses
Line Highlight the top-front corners of the panels (light teal for the normal panels and Thunderhawk Blue for the darker panels)
Engine glow in Citadel Moot Green, Moot green+white, and white.

Terran Alliance
Prime Black
Spray with Citadel Khorne Red spray (or basecoat dark red)
Heavy drybrush Citadel Mephiston Red
Drybrush lighter red
Thunderhawk blue details
Iyanden Darksun details
Stormvermin Fur details
Diluted black wash the whole thing (Nuln Oil)

Adeptus drybrush
Mechrite/snot green
Burnished gold
Chainmail for I.N.
Mithril for Chaos
One black wash.
I.N Engines: Drybrush Enchanted Blue, drybrush Ice Blue, drybrush White, watered down blue wash, gloss varnish the bright parts (optional).

Corsair Eldar
Enchanted drybrush
Ice then white
Blue wash, 2nd time in sails.
Chainmail then black wash
Scorpion in windows.

Tyranids (Old)
Khemri basecoat
Sploches of iyanden
Fleshy areas on khemri mixed with delta bright red.
Bleached bone claws.
Devlin wash.

Drybrush Charadon
Drybrush Fortress

Tyranids (new)
Black prime
Drybrush hormagaunt
Drybrush horn+white mix
Splotch mechrite in flesh
Drybrush white
Claws black
Wash purple

Prime black
Drybrush chainmail
Drybrush mithril
Burnished gold
Devlin wash
Dark angels details
Highlight snot green
Highlight scorpion

Craftworld Eldar
Spray white
Wash blue
Drybrush white
Wash very watered down blue

Adeptus Mechanicus
Basecoat necron
Drybrush enchanted
Drybrush americana calypso
Adeptus gray prow
Bleached bone
Devlin mud on bone
Metal done like Chaos
Engines: Drybrush Emerald Green, Drybrush Scorpion Green, Drybrush White, Green wash, wipe the wash off the edges, gloss varnish the bright parts.

Dark Eldar
Spray black
Drybrush hawk turquoise
Drybrush 50/50 hawk turquoise and white
Drybrush 25/75 hawk turquoise and white
Thraka green
Chainmail Metal
Adeptus black parts
Wash mental and adeptus in black wash

black prime
codex basecoat
fortress gray drybrush
white drybrush (very light)
charadon granite details
bronze (sycorax) details
mithril guns
black wash
Engines: Drybrush Hawk Turquoise, Drybrush Ice Blue, Drybrush White, Blue wash, wipe the wash off the edges, gloss varnish the bright parts.

Prime Black
Castellan Drybrush (heavy)
Loren Forest drybrush
Light Drybrush Scorpion
Dark Gray details (Charcoal Gray by Delta)
Camo Green Wash (Athonian Camoshade)
Gold details (Burnished Gold)
Mithril Silver guns
Black wash gold and silver.
Flame details with orange and bright orange. Optional white details.

VARNISH: I HIGHLY recommend shelling out the additional cash for the GW Purity Seal. Armory brand is good too and a little more matte. GW Purity seal has a tiny bit of shine (which I like). MAKE SURE you spray in a close to room temperature location (!!!!) and that you spray horizontally. If the spray can or the air is too cold, the matting agent will turn while and make your model cloudy. This can also happen if you are spraying at an angle. Make sure you do it horizontally, don't spray too much, use some distance between your can and your model, shake up the can a whole bunch, and let it dry fully before touching the model.

Other Games:

Deathwatch Marines
Prime black
For the model AND the base...
Drybrush Charcoal (Delta Ceramcoat)
Drybrush Adeptus Battlegrey
Mithril Silver
Bleached Bone for purity seals
Mechrite Red for purity seals and eyes.
Calthan brown for cloth
Scorpion green for lenses
Burnished gold for metal accents
Black wash.

40k Tyranids
Prime black
Heavy drybrysh (closer to a basecoat) Vallejo Purple
2:1 Vallejo Purple and White drybrush (make sure it is just a little more purple than pink)
Paint Chiten with Charadon Granite (Stromvermin Fur mixed with black and charcoal gray)
Paint Mouth Hawk Turquise
Paint toxic parts Scorpion Green
Wash whole model with purple wash
Add Codex Gray scratchyness to claws and teeth
Base gray

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