Thursday, April 12, 2012

BFG Scenery Making 5

And the answer is!!! NOPE. The bubbles stayed in and it looks horrible. I am still not sure what caused it but it seemed like there was some chemical reaction when it hit the table. Maybe it's the spray that wasn't completely dry yet? Maybe it was something that was on/in the roller? Maybe it was the cold? I am not sure but I am going to wait quite a while for it to dry, do it slowly, and make sure it isn't so cold.

So, I sanded it down and painted it black again.

Black again. 

Man I hope it works this time. 

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  1. Cheap foam rollers will cause bubbles, you might try one of the higher end fleece ones. You have to be careful with what kind of clear your using too, lacquers especially are typically pretty bad about bubbling.