Monday, April 9, 2012

A Tale of 3 Fleets: 5

The fleets are completely build now. Here are some pictures.

Terran Dominion. These are a newer fleet (ScanFed) from Ground Zero Games and were a bit harder to assemble than the FSE. Even some of the escorts were two pieces that often needed pinning. Any of the cruisers that have engines on the back came with them separately and needed them glued in. Starting from the escorts on the top left of the picture that have the gun sticking up a ways and up, you have to pin on the front flat part of the ship. The largest ship's front was 3 pieces but not too hard to assemble. Some of the engines were hard to glue in and drilling out the section they connect to helped a lot. These are harder to assemble than Games Workshop BFG pewter ships and the plastic ones, especially. Either way, these models are awesome and completely worth the work.

Xenarch. These ships (Federated Stats Europa) were released a little before the ScanFed was and were much easier to work with. Only the largest 6 ships were more parts than 1 and the larger ships were only ever 4-5 pieces. My theory is that these ships were much easier to assemble because they are mostly horizontal and not near as vertical as the ScanFed ships. 

Dark Eldar. I don't have much to add about the Dark Eldar other than the fact that they took some converting. I will probably add some more bits on to a few cruisers that have more obvious jetbike seats. The one in the top right is what I an going for. Aside from what came in the 2 Reaver Jetbike and the 2 Hellion boxes, I used 6 old 40k Dark Eldar bits and a couple 40k Craftworld Eldar bits. I don't suppose someone could copy this exactly, especially because of the extra bits that didn't come in the boxes but you should be able to make some great stuff without them.


  1. Your Dark Eldar ships are absolutely superb! I thought that they looked like jet bikes! I first saw these pics at something like 3am so I was bleary eyed and did not read the text!
    Really great job on these ships. They are much better looking and capture the spirit of the race far better than the GW official ships.

  2. Thanks! Glad you like them! There are some more examples of people making Dark Eldar BFG ships out of the new Dark Eldar 40k models and I took a lot of inspiration from them.