Saturday, April 14, 2012

BFG Scenery Making 7

I am a bit fan of the scenarios BFG has to offer and I am really impressed with some of the conversions that people have made for orbital defenses. I am convinced that people cam make some awesome ones from just stuff they have in their bots box. I started looking through the stuff I have from 40k and BFG and found some great bit options.
Jackpot. I am pretty sure I am going to be able to make all sorts of cool stuff from this kit and the following kit. I highly recommend these boxes for scenery making for 40k and it turns out, it's going to be a great help for BFG. 
Another kit filled with all sorts of possibilities. Orbital dock, etc., here me come.

I think these will make great starting points for orbital docks or space stations. 

With a decent amount of work and more bits, I made these platforms. The coil looking things on the right side of the platform part (they are laying on their side with the top on the right) look like torpedo launch bays. In my mind, it seems like they can turn the center from left to right and fire in different directions. I plan on adding antennas to them.  Looking back, I am going to make a few of them into weapon battery platforms and maybe a lance one. 


  1. The platforms you made are great!
    Really liking these terrain posts, they are inspiring.

  2. Thanks! I changed 3 of the 5 platforms today to make 2 weapon batteries ones and 1 lance variant. They look so much better to my eye once they have the antennas on them.