Monday, April 9, 2012

Internet Battle 1.2: Lists

Here's how we would like it to work....
1. The community (everyone who would like to participate) will be able to choose their fleet on a poll here. by you.
2. When the fleets are chosen, we will allow some time for the community to make a list of 1500pts (restricted by what models we have, of course) and discuss deployment. Any of the fleets we have on the poll, we have at least 2000pts of.
3. We will set up the game based on the community's guidance.
4. We will start the game.

Each turn will be a week long and we will take orders from the community on this thread until Sunday where we will play out the turn (the community's fleet and the enemy fleet) and report it back to you.

Imperial Navy List
Fleet Admiral:50

Chaos List

Warmaster (Desolator) 75
Desolator 300
Acheron 190 
Acheron 190
Carnage 1 180 
Carnage 2 180
Devastation 1 190 
Devastation 2 190

Gavin (your opponent) and he will be playing Chaos. Also, I should mention the preferred rules set we have been using is the BFG:R set so please keep that in mind. Also, after this message, I am going to upload a whole bunch of photos and a video showing the table with scenery and the blocked off deployment zones. We did a few things tonight...

1. We set up scenery using the Spacebuilder app.
2. We determined the scenario by rolling strategy ratings. Chaos won and chose Fleet Engagement.
3. The formations that were chosen (specific to the Fleet Engagement scenario), Chaos chose sphere and IN chose wedge. We marked the deployment zones by dice (green for IN and red for Chaos). In the rectangular area where the IN will be, they must face their ships towards the opposite table edge and the Chaos must be facing the IN's table edge.

Follow the link below to see the map...
+++Internet Battle 1 Map+++

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