Sunday, April 29, 2012

Internet Battle 1.5: Turn 2

Internet Battle 1: Turn 2

The entire Imperial Fleet advanced. Clumping together, the Imperials turn to avoid clipping the asteroids. Their Assault Boats fly forward and take cover behind the asteroids.  The Desolator burns retros while it waits for the advancing cruisers. The Devastations reload their ordinance.

The Imperial Fighters engage the wave of Chaos ordinance and both groups of 4 fighters are removed, leaving the Chaos Assault Boats who turn the corner and advance towards the Imperial ships. The Mars shoots it's Nova Cannon at the Chaos ordinance wave and the shot scatters east, clipping the Carnage bringing one shield down. To the galactic northwest, the Chaos squadron goes All Ahead Full as it struggles to join the fight.

The Mars and Exorcist reload their ordinance. The Chaos to the west are advancing quickly.

Here is a view from the west. Both fleets are closing in.

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