Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Tale of 3 Fleets: 2

Update 2. Mostly, work on the Dark Eldar fleet. Once I started, I couldn't stop! I was not content until I at least matched the right pieces to the ships. 
DE pieces. The ones on the top right will be the weapon batteries. The longer one will be lances and the blaster bit will be, who knows. I moved on after this to working on the cruisers instead of the escorts. 

In order to cover the area where the handlebars would be on the jetbike, I trimmed the mounting part down. This way, I could move it back.

Here a cruiser is glued. This piece was cut down the middle, as you can see. It will be used to cover up the middle hole in the cruiser you can see in this pictures.

Here the piece is patched.

I decided, for a few cruisers, that I would cut down the mounting piece more to bring the front back further.

Here is the start of one of the Mortalis grand cruisers. 

Here is another cruiser with the handlebar part patched.

Fast forward a bit, here are the finished cruisers including the two Mortalis!

On the the escorts. I have 10 to work with. I am going to keep the basic 2 gun piece as the weapon battery cruiser. 

I trimmed some down to make the lance and the impaler versions.
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