Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Protoss Protectorate Fleet (revising)

(Protoss V4)

NEW big bonuses:
-+1 reloading (CARRIER FOCUS)

Here are changes I am planning on making...
-basic cruiser, 6 hits, 3 shields. make sure it is similar to what an eldar MSM cruiser is like durability wise but a little more, probably not getting the fragile crit chance.
-make the stand up type of cruiser a void ray (scouts?) carrier instead of scouts.
-torpedo bombers - Scouts
-regular lances
-more shields than normal, less hits than normal
-more limits on battlecruisers and more (duh)
-keep the same WBs as before
-drop the tassadar (maybe just rework it heavily, Terminus Est similarity)
-not much work on the colossus
-arbiter, drop special rule for nexus warp
-eldar leadership prices
-drop +1 for boarding action (maybe just add a special rule option to add dark templars to a ship which add +1 boarding.
-make the nexus warp worse. warp first? this was discussed.
-arbiter, just +1 to reload like cobra (nah, just carriers get _1 
-arbiter, BFI negatives for successful or failed warp
-"All ships within 10cm of the Arbiter count as cloaked (receiving a 4+ save) Arbiters may never cloak including when within range of another Arbiter." (points compensation)

Notes from forum discussions...
Summary from SG forum
"-cheap rerolls but standard leadership (fine but I don't see why Protoss should have the leadership of an Imperial and not Eldar or even AdMech)
-no +1 boarding
-drop shield special rules and replace with higher shield amount (I was advised against this originally but it's worth investigating)
-Photon Batteries should get to roll the firepower amount against the enemy armor (I will chew on that. sounds like in interesting option. I'm still not against the written version at this point)
-Change Prismatic Beam (I'm thinking this would be better as just lances. I would have a hard time restricting them to very few ships because lots of the models have 2 lance type thing on the front)
-Gateway... cool
-nexus warp happens in the special order phase immediately when the order is passed and the nexus ship and the warped escorts are at BFI negatives. 
-instead of "Cybernetic Infrastructure," give +1 to RO of Protoss carriers.
-Arbiter cloaking (it looks like, instead of the escort attack and then warp out technique, the Arbiter with cloaking would be a way to use the nexus warp to bring escorts back to a safer place behind the fleet and receive the cloaking if the player things they may be in danger. I like it. any other tactical uses you can see with changing when the nexus warp happens?)
-flak frigate "ok?"

Tassadar needs a complete scratch and redo. I think the others can be tweaked after the rules changes. Of the old rules, the stuff I would like to keep the most (though not dead set on them) would be the battery rules. As I am nearing the end of this text wall, I am starting to think the torpedo-fighter would be pretty cool. Protoss have no torpedoes and so instead of bombers and regular torpedoes, they would have the fighters offer the ordinance they do not have. Would they just be regular torpedo-fighters or have any extra rules with them? Tomorrow (which I have off), I will start to work with these ideas.

What do you guys think about this...
-weapon batteries as they were (I do think Protoss should have some more advanced guns and I think it should be this. the original plan was to give them a left shift but that was too much like Eldar)
-prismatic beams as normal lances, only longer range on battleships (maybe something special about these? I just don't want them to be too unique because most of the models have what I would like to portray as the prismatic beams on the prow)
-nexus ship as above
-even lower hits but more regular shields (a 6 hit 3 shield would not be a light cruiser but more like their heavier ones)
-carriers have +1 reload (with points compensation)
-I still think that +1 leadership makes sense (with points compensation)
-limits on bigger ships comparable to other races (duh, I don't know how that was missed)
-the restrictions about the dark templar and regular protoss seemed nice for a while but seems unnecessary


"Sorry with the intercepters I was thinking like the in game style. The intercepters fire a low power energy blast that is good at damaging all types of vehicles. They're also drones and have a limited range but can attack in any direction. So intercepters would be standard weapon batteries (they are quite good at destroying capitol ships in game) with fighter range (30 cm) but they can fire in all arcs (they are still like fighters just a hugh swarm of tiny ships) (decided to make them fighter-bombers)

"So the average ship for me would be:

Protoss Carrier 125 pts
Cruiser/6. 20cm speed. 45* turns. 3 shileds. 4+ armor. 3 turrets. 
Interceptors: 30cm range. 8 firepower. N/A fire arc
Port launch: 25cm (scout). 1 strength. N/A fire arc
Star launch: 25cm (scout). 1 strength. N/A fire arc"

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