Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BFG Scenery Making 8

Quite a busy week. I did make some progress on the orbital defenses and finished building them. Here are a few pictures that show how I did it.

This platform was made from 2 40k scenery bits and the triangle part is from the "Hexagon Construction Set" posted about HERE. If you look closely, you will see 2 holes drilled by a pin vice. These holes about pretty much the perfect size for the Imperial cruiser antennas. I drilled 4 holes in each platform.

Here are the hardboard bases cut out (as explained in BFG Scenery Making 2. I didn't drill the holes out with the 1/8 inch bit like usual but I used my GW pin vice and glued in paper clips. The metal dowel basing (explained HERE) will not work on the platforms because they are a bit small.

Here are the platforms, ready for basing and antennas. The one on the right is a torpedo platform, the middle two are weapon battery platforms, and the top right is a lance platform. Some of the longer antennas on the bottom left needed their bottom to be shortened so a bigger part cam be flush with the platform when it is put in the drilled out hole.
While letting the platforms dry, I finally based these suckers. I made these 2 Chaos cruisers into drifting hulks about 2 years ago after....
...ANGUS, LEVIATHAN OF THE GOTHIC SECTOR, chewed up 4 cruisers I had found right when I was starting BFG again. That made me mad but he was around 6 months old at that point so what do you expect. I made my self happier by ordering 4 Imperial cruiser to make up for it.

Here are the defenses, finally fully built next to a moon for the new game board. I am dying to try these out in a game. Next battle report maybe?

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