Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Demiurg Fleet

I love the rules for the Demiurg fleet in the BFG:R latest rules (I have a link to the BFG:R stuff on one of the right tabs). The problem is, I don't really want to wait for a long time for the models through Forgeworld and they only really have two of them. SO... I really like the models by Ground Zero Games for the Full Thrust game. When I saw the models for the New Swabian League, the first thing I thought was "those things look like what I would picture Demiurg flying around in." I decided right then that I would like to eventually get a Demiurg fleet with the NSL models. Here are the models that I have matched up relating to size.

Stronghold------------------------------------Erzherzog Ferdinand*
Garrison---------------------------------------------Maria Theresia*
Citadel----------Hapsburg/Graf Spee*/Helgoland*/Von Der Tann*

Some of my fellow gamers and I may be putting in a big order to Ground Zero Games and getting a few fleets. Hopefully, the Demiurg dream can become a reality along with the Terran Dominion fleet we are designing, and the Xenarch fleet we are designing also.

Can you see these as Demiurg vessels?

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  1. Those look good. The middle two look to be about 6 and 8 hit cruisers while the smaller ones appear to be destroyer/ frigate sized and then you have the one to the extreme left and the one just in front of the largest ships that appear to be somewhat larger than a frigate, maybe some sort of heavy escort? (going off of the measurements on the bottom)