Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Terran Dominion Fleet (Beta V1)

Here it is! Rules for The Terran Dominion Fleet (Beta V1). Please feel free to download, share with your game group, playtest, critique, enjoy, destroy.  As quickly as I can get feedback, I will be able to update and complete the rules. 

Here are the ships...

Sovereignty Class Battleship - Loads of firepower. Makes up for a lack of torpedoes or nova cannon with a powerful lance battery on the front.

Progenitor Class Battlecarrier - A bit like a toned down Emperor with a more durable prow but less firepower. 

Contention Class Battleship - A less expensive Retribution with less control over the dorsal lances fire arc but more control over weapon battery fire arcs. Overall less firepower than a Retribution but fewer points. 

Strife Class Cruiser - One of the more in your face vessels in this list.  Similar to a Lunar but with more front firing capability, a little more range, but weaker broadsides.

Variance Class Artillery Cruiser - This is the most unique and characterful vessel in the fleet. The Variance is a  light cruiser with "lance artillery batteries" that reach 90cm. This ship is there to provide extended range firepower while lacking nova cannons, and provide a perk to make up for the lack of torpedoes. This ship is fragile so keep it protected.

Immunity Class Cruiser - This cruiser is a very durable light cruiser with the capability for powerful front firepower but must allocate of guns away from its broadsides to do so. The Immunity is similar to a Dauntless but is more durable at the expense of speed and overall firepower. 

Decision Class Light Carrier - A very delicate and small light cruiser with 2 launch bays. This is the only ship with launch capacity other than the Progenitor Battlecarrier and so it must be protected in order to protect the fleet with fighters. That being said, it does provide so good support firepower and must needed fighters and bombers.

Exemption Class Frigate - This is an escort much like a Chaos Idolator but without the long range accuracy for its weapon battery but extended range on its lance. This escort is durable but lacks 2 turrets.

Dissent Class Frigate - The Dissent functions exactly like an Imperial Firedagger and brings much needed ordinance defense to the fleet. 

Renewal Class Destroyer - The Renewal is a more durable version of the Cobra Destroyer but is lacking the extra weapon battery or leadership bonus a Cobra has. 

Hope you like the fleet! Time to do your part and join the Dominion. If you are interested in editing or playtesting, please email me at or contact me on the Specialist Games Forum

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