Thursday, March 15, 2012

Xenarch Fleet Design

This is piggybacking off of an earlier post about the Xenarch Fleet located here: Early Design: The Xenarch Fleet.

So far, here are some of the rules and weapon types:

-Electromunition Batteries - Normal weapon batteries but almost always 20cm range yet always considered close ranged. This will be their standard batteries which will help define them as a short ranged fleet.

-Plasma Spears - Their version of lances.

-Shock Missiles - Within the Shock Missiles' arc, draw a line from the ship. Any base that is touched within 20cm gets as many dice to roll against the defending ship's armor equal to the Shock Missiles' firepower. You must reload ordinance to fire Shock Missiles again.

The Xenarch Matrix - Xenarch vessels always begin the game with leadership 8.

Charge Cell Thrusters - Xenarch vessels may role 6d6 when on All Ahead Full special orders.

The Black Tide - If you succeed with an All Ahead Full special order, the following ships or squadrons that pass an All Ahead Full special order may use the dice roll total from the previous All Ahead Full that turn.

Manifestation Vessels - Because the Xenarch vessels are robotic, controlled by Xenarch consciousnesses occupying hard wired Manifestation Cages, they are very difficult to board, as the vessel interior functions as it is were alive. Xenarch vessels have the Hostile Environment quality.

Commanders - In games of 750pts or more, you must have an Exetor. Since an Exetor must be placed on a Battleship or a Grand Cruiser, you must take a Battleship or Grand Cruiser to transport the Exetor in games of 750pts or more.

Exetor - A Battleship or Grand Cruiser may have a Exetor on board which makes the vessel leadership 9. The Exetor comes with 1 re-roll.

Each Exetor may take up to 2 Prophets. Each Prophet grants a re-roll to the fleet.

-Will have the shortest range in BFG. Most weapons will be 20cm.
-Will not be very durable for a closing type fleet (most likely 5+)
-No bombers.

-Relatively fast fleet
-Predictable and good leadership
-Hostile Environment
-Some special weapon bonuses.

More to come as the Xenarch develop. I will be thinking about a faction logo for them. Maybe I can find something online.

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