Monday, March 19, 2012

BFG Scenery Making 2

After BFG Scenery Making 1, we finished the asteroids besides rounding them a little. 

Here are the asteroids sitting on top of their respective bases. There happens to be an Imperial Overlord flying through for size comparison. The finish asteroids to the right are from our current set of scenery and they are what we are modeling the news ones after besides some of the bases that will have multiple smaller rocks. The green stands in the middle are cut out of 1/8inch wire that is pretty flimsy but very hard to bend when they are cut this short. Cheap and simple stands for the asteroids. 

I was bored in class the other day and was checking craigslist for a drill press, something I have wanted for a while. I was pretty excited when I found a Craftsman drill press in a town very close by for $40! I decided that I would make it happen so I called the guy on the way back from school and went to try it out. It worked well and I brought it home. Decided to make a Home Depot stop for some hardboard for bases and the game table. I bought two 8ft x 4ft 1/8inch think sheets. Here is the drill press with a chunk of hardboard. We are cutting out bases for things here. The standard GW flight stand is 30mm and 60m for the larger ones. We are cutting a bunch of each. I ended up cutting this entire sheet worth of bases. It made 50-60 30mm and 12 60mm bases.

Here's an action shot. I have been reminded by a few family members because my dad lost his right pointer finger to one of these many years back.

This is a 30mm finished base. Notice the rough crap around the edges. Most of it is at the bottom but the sides are relatively smooth. 

This is how we deal with the extra crap. After we get rid of it, we give it a quick sandpapering and it looks pretty good.

A stack of bases, 30mm and 60mm with a Space Marine Nova lurking behind. Notice that some of the bases on top are nicely sanded and ready to go while others near the bottom need some work. The majority of these bases will be used for the Ground Zero Games - Full Thrust ships we are getting which come with hex bases.

We are planning an internet battle which will take a few weeks to complete. In the in between days, we will feel compelled to get this table done so we can set up more games (for more battle reports) on the side. 

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